Monthly Archives: June 2003

Scarf mania!

I finished up the wonton last night; all that’s left is to fill it with catnip and stitch it up. I’ve started on a simple knit-and purl scarf in Bernat DenimStyle, mostly because I need the practice. True to form, shortly after purchasing the Bernat, I found this cute Harry Potter scarf pattern; it’s a tube scarf with fringe, and I think it would be a lot of fun, either with the colors indicated or some wilder ones.

Wonton and Eggroll.

I’m currently knitting Feline Dim Sum, just the Wonton, actually. I highly recommend this as a warmup project for new knitters; it’s supposed to be knit tightly (which new knitters tend to do anyway, I hear). After working with size 5 needles, size 8 will feel big!


After starting this, I found Wendy’s Catnip Mouse pattern courtesy of Knitting Zen, and now I have to make one – it’s not quite a beginner’s project, but I’ll get there.