Newsflash: Cotton knits like wire.

I made the mistake of tossing Becky’s swatch project into my travel bag as we left on vacation Thursday. I volunteered to make a 6-inch swatch for her because I was making a 5-inch swatch for the Wonton, and how hard could that extra inch be?

Knitting with cotton is like knitting with wire. It doesn’t give at all; there’s no wiggle, no slide. I picked out some 4-ply varigated Sugar and Cream cotton and thought I’d try a seed stitch. My seed stitch on size 8 needles looks like I’m knitting the world’s tiniest macrame plant holder – you know what I mean. Not graceful, just crafty. I needed a much thinner yarn, and the swatch deadline is almost here! I’ll have to work fast to produce something merely presentable. The moral of our story may be “find out more about your material before you blindly volunteer,” but I’m going to try again tomorrow – I’m not giving up yet!

In other news, after seeing Stepmom again on motel TV, I’m in the mood to make a Stepmom hat, and I can report that I thought Knitting Without Tears was delightful. See? I did do something good with my vacation after all.

One thought on “Newsflash: Cotton knits like wire.

  1. anne

    Hey, it’s so good to see someone else on the knitting trail 🙂 I agree about the cotton. But I *love* cotton with wool. You could try Rowan’s wool and cotton (drool) or Heirloom’s ‘Breeze’ from Ozeyarn. They are both good to knit with.

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