Swatch, and swatch again.

Here it is [this photo is gone – sorry], calmly drying after blocking. You wouldn’t know it to look at this, but making a 6-inch swatch out of cotton is harder than it looks; [this photo is gone too – sorry] particularly if you measure wrong and make an 8-inch swatch instead. My gauge swatch for this project turned out to be larger than the project itself! But it was a handy lesson in the value of swatching (note to self: buy new, more accurate knitting gauge ruler).

This was a seed stitch using Bernat Cottontots in Sunshine. The seed stitch slowed me down, but turned out to be excellent practice for knitting, purling – and frogging – mistakes were easy to spot. The other lesson learned? Buy a yarn that feels good wound up – the texture won’t improve when it’s knitted. The Cottontots is 100% cotton and also feels lovely to work with; I think this may also be a lesson in not buying the most inexpensive yarn you see – all yarns are obviously not created equal.

Off to France with you – a tout vitesse!

3 thoughts on “Swatch, and swatch again.

  1. Becky

    The stitch pattern + color + shiny cotton in your swatch is gorgeous. And I’m impressed – you did it in SEED STITCH. In COTTON. No wonder you were a-froggin’! Not many people can take doing seed stitch, much less in cotton, because work is slow. You rock 🙂

    (P.S. The types of cotton yarn to work with, in my opinion, are 100% mercerised cotton in dk weight and 100% cotton or cotton blends up to bulky weight that are very tightly spun – there’s less splitting and they’re lighter.)

  2. Nora

    I keep wondering who my neighbors will be on the blanket. Yours is the 2nd white swatch I have seen; the other had a cable. Mine is red, white & blue instarsia. Hope to be next to your beautifully textured swatch!

  3. cathy

    I am knitting a seed stitch hat, however I am not clear as to how to do the decreases. Help! Any suggestions?

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