Cat tested, knitter approved.

finishedwonton.jpg My finishing skills remain simply average, but Charlie doesn’t seem to care that my wonton is slightly lumpy. He liked it, and I was inspired to start Wendy’s cabled mouse pattern for the Great Charity Mouse-a-thon. I’ve actually started three mice as of today, and they were like the Three Bears’ bowls of porridge: the first one was too loose, the second one got off-pattern at the end, and the third one seems to be just right – I should finish it tonight. Cabling is easier than I thought, and seems to work like magic – I must be missing something!

I’m also halfway through the knit-and-purl scarf, and looking forward to getting started on the felted tote – with more mice sprinkled in for good measure.

2 thoughts on “Cat tested, knitter approved.

  1. Aubrey

    I haven’t tried cabling just yet, because I’m lazy. Knitting’s fun and addictive, isn’t it? I always have a million projects going at once. Dishcloths are a favorite of mine to knit, because they’re fast and easy. I use most of mine as potholders, and right now we have a multitude of different colored potholders in my apartment. It’s great!

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