Basic knitting skills required.

From Nanette:

10. If a project is bugging you, take a break or abandon it. It is wrong to force yourself to knit something you aren’t enjoying. You should ALWAYS enjoy the process of knitting.

Okay, I’ll say it: My felted bag is no fun. At all. I’ll eventually get it done, but I spent two and a half hours working on it with my favorite knitting tutor on Saturday, and even she – a woman who’s been knitting since she was ten – said “This isn’t easy. It’s not you.”

You know, the pattern says “basic knitting skills required,” but I would have appreciated something more along the lines of a warning label: “This pattern requires extensive use of double-pointed needles with small numbers of stitches, and you’ll probably want to know more than one kind of increase – if this is your first project with DPNs, adjust your frustration levels accordingly.” Ugh. Okay, moving on.

meeses.jpg On the bright side: two lovely mousies off to Wendy for the mouseathon. These looked so much nicer after they were stuffed and finished, I impressed myself.

I’ve also started swatching for the Knitting Pure and Simple sweater in Patons Ballybrae Black Forest Tweed, a worsted wool in deep navy with tweedy flecks – I found *one skein* in a local store, and they said it had been discontinued – two years ago. Thanks to a request to the knitswap list, not 24 hours later, I’d located someone willing to sell more than enough for my sweater. Now I guess I’ll have to stop haunting the EBay Wool listings and get knitting.