Monthly Archives: October 2003

Hats off!

I feel like it’s been forever, but I won’t let that stop me from making this a juicy update packed with knitting goodness! First off, FO #2, a child’s rollbrim hat in two delightful colors of Lamb’s Pride Superwash Chunky for our local charity project.
This marks my first successful use of DPNs, and you know, they’re not so bad, despite my Fear of the Felted Bag. I really love the Brittany Birch 7″ needles – they feel both delicate and strong, and they keep me from gripping so tightly – a big plus.

I KIP’ed all over NYC last week with this hat, just hoping some knitblogger would stop in his/her tracks and say “Me too!” The NYC SnB was not to be, alas, but I did have a very satisfyting trip to The Yarn Connection at Madison and 36th – where I encountered an interesting variety of knitter, the Knitting Groupie. There was one studiously disaffected young woman picking stuff out and her friend was following along behind saying things like “Oh, that would be good! That would look great! Are you going to go next door to Starbucks and start that right now? I can’t wait to see how that looks knitted up!” I was tired just listening to her.

I walked away from The Yarn Connection minus the needles I had been hoping for, but with an additional ball of Zara for my tri-color stocking caps, the 20th anniversary issue of Vogue Knitting (I know, so fashionable to loathe VK, but this issue had a pattern I needed to see), and a copy of The Purl Stitch. I was so excited at the book purchase that I saved it for the plane ride home, savoring the anticipation…and I was underwhelmed.

There were a few items I would be interested in making (Not Your Mother’s Jacket), and the techniques were more than sound, but I actualy found more to like in the VK 20th anniversary issue.

Is there something wrong with me?! Why didn’t I looove this book like everyone else (send hate mail to

Sweatering along, and almost ready to join and knit in the round, after which I think this will just zoom along, really. Woohoo! Bonus link: using your electric mixer as a ball winder – really!

It’s sweater weather

As the kids say, I’m “representin'” with a progress photo of my top-down v-neck in Patons Ballybrae Black Forest Tweed as part of the Sweater/Jumper Knitalong (note to self: make Sweater/Jumper Knitalong button). sj-knit.jpg I am loving the yarn (take a closer look) and even the pattern, even though I’m the textbook example of “slow and steady wins the race.” Of course, even “slow and steady” means I’m following the knitalong rules, so it’s all good.

I started the sweater on 28 inch Addi Turbos – my first pair of Addis – before I realized that the pattern called for 24 inch Addis. Get ready to cry a river for me – I may have to break down and buy another pair of Addis so my sweater doesn’t s-t-r-e-t-c-h when I knit in the round. I still have a good 20 rows to go before I divide for the sleeves, so I may even shop for my Addis when I go to New York for work next week. At the very least, I’m hoping to KIP with the New York Stitch ‘n Bitch next Tuesday; wouldn’t that be great? Sweater on!