The before picture.

Holiday knitting in full swing here – as I said to Alison:

Two, count them two projects on the needles at once; a garter stitch scarf I’m calling Pemberley, because I’m knitting it while listening to the Pride and Prejudice audio book, and the first of three ribbed watch caps that I’m referring to as “my god, I had no idea ribbing would take so long.” I’m planning on calling the second “here’s hoping I don’t knit the wrong way around and accidentally short row this hat like I did the last one” and the third will be “hope you like your blasted hat.” The yarn is nice, I will say that for 100% merino.

Saddest auction ever – you know the woman selling the sweater is not Arleen, and I feel appropriately yarn righteous that she can’t tell the difference between Noro and Koigu (yes, i was searching EBay for Koigu). As I write this, the high bid is $34; let’s hope for Arleen’s sake it reaches the cost of the yarn it took to make the sweater.

Yarn spun from border collie hair; let me be clear – I would by dog hair yarn, but I do not know if I would buy “outside dog who has rolled in mud and whose hair is kind of smelly” yarn.

Tomorrow, we leave on a long-weekend car trip to upstate New York, and you know what that means – car knitting! So this is the “before” picture – I hope the after picture will be really ribby, and hopefully three stripes long.

6 thoughts on “The before picture.

  1. alison

    I love the names of your ribbed hats! Let’s all be honest and name our knitting this way: the you’d-better-appreciate-the-lace-cuff socks, or the damn-this-took-forever scarf.

  2. Mopsie

    I was cracking up at the names you’ve come up with! You sound like me. The baby sweater I’m working on is fast becoming the “this kid better wear this sweater until they graduate from college” sweater! :o)

  3. Marie

    Three ribbed caps? And I thought you were the “I like to have fun when I knit” type. But listening to audio books while knitting sounds great! 🙂

  4. Amy

    quick note to let you know I updated the “stash~along”

    Deadline for entering, complete with snail mail addresses: Wednesday, December 10th @ 11:59 pm.

    Thanks, Amy

  5. Ann

    Hi, I just found your site. I’m also doing the watch cap from hip to knit, and thinking the same thing! it looks so cool as it knits up, but it is slooooowwwwwwwww. I just got to my first color change. feels like progress. what other colors are you doing? mine is black-dark gray-light gray… v. manly for the boy in my life.

  6. Nancy

    Love the hat names! 🙂

    I agree about the ribbing. So very dang slow. I recently decided the same of my first attempt at the seed stitch. Sigh. Regular knitting is on the verge of boring and I am not fast enough for anything else, such a conundrum 😉

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