I went a little crazy.

I came, I saw, I bought yarn. Vacation was very, very good to me, because the yarn store I located via the internet before departure turned out to be really great and very entertaining.

Geneva, New York, home to The Yarn Shop of Geneva, is the Finger Lakes capital of fancy scarf-making. Knitters were coming in, and eyelash yarn and sparkly yarn and boucle yarn was leaving, by the bagful. Knitters *cough* who didn’t know how to cast on *cough* had the shop owner start their scarves for them – isn’t that like driving after someone starts the car for you? – and I watched a dizzying array of skeins make their way through the store’s ball-winding service.

But for all my snarking, let me say this – they had some damn fine yarn. Tahki Soho Tweed, Bunny, Lopi, Dale Helio, and, bless my soul, I got to touch some Schaefer yarn, some of which is used in the BPT cabled hoodie. I was like a yarn groupie, oohing and ahhing over each new find. I talked Lopi cardigans and steeking with the staff, I loved their selection of sock yarn…to be honest, this store wiped the floor with my LYS, and I like my LYS – it’s 4 1/2 hours closer than this store, I’ll say that.

I walked away with two skeins of Artful Yarns’ Circus, for my mother-in-law’s garter stitch scarf (cast on 13 stitches on size 11 needles, knit until time to cast off). I committed to two post-Christmas projects with two skeins of Encore worsted that will be that double-knitted hat from Alison for my brother-in-law and a skein that will be a cabled hat for my sister-in-law. I also went against my usual conservative instincts and bought two skeins of Quark by Mondial in a lovely pink and purple colorway that will be another garter stitch scarf for my aunt (cast on 15 stitches on size 11 needles; knit until it’s time to cast off). She’s the kind of person ho has a white winter coat, and I mean that in a nice way. She’ll like it.

I also added to my hat yarn stash with some Classic Elite Montera and Tahki Shannon (more burgundy than this photo really shows) – I have no pattern yet, just a yearning to knit, and Elisabeth’s love for Shannon was the inspiration, so much so that I bought another ball of Shannon in black.

It’s a good thing the Stash Redistribution Project is on the horizon, gsrp_button.jpg because I am entering the Mason-Dixon Knitting Ultrafestive Holiday Contest – you should too. Personally, I think preference in awarding of prizes should be given to those (like me) who do not already have Rowan Magpie Tweed in their stash. I’m just saying…

My own stash reduction (i.e., the ribbed hat) continues apace; I’m halfway through color two, and the forest green end is in sight. The ribbing is getting faster, but note to self: perhaps size 4s would be better for the next hat. I don’t think it’s too airy, but I don’t want those winter winds sneaking in. For the remaining hats, I have two lovely shades of navy, coffee with cream, oatmeal and dark and light grey. So classy!

5 thoughts on “I went a little crazy.

  1. Amy

    A yarn store in Geneva, New York? I wish I had known that when I was in college there (go William Smith, go) I might have returned to the needles sooner and stayed away from a frat party or two!

    Plan on adding any of your new purchases to the box?

  2. Marie

    What beautiful skeins to add to your stash! Pretty!

    Now, we started knitting at about the same time and you get to talk steeking with the staff? I wonder if I should *cough* on this one. 😉 Just teasing…

  3. MMario

    yup – the yarn shop in Geneva is a nice place. I just wish they had more lace weight and other smaller diameter yarns!

  4. Donna

    Oh, I was all talk and no “do” with the steeks – it was just advice (go the sewing machine route, don’t try to do without) because actual steeking is awhile off 😉

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