Three needles, four needles…whatever it takes.

Progress is being made on the Bucket O’Chic – the three-needle bind off was helped mightily by these illustrated instructions from Sweaterscapes; it almost seemed easy. As did picking up stitches – I refined my “pick up and knit” technique and this looks much smoother than the stitches picked up for my felted bag. So pick up I did, and off I went on the bucket brim: 4…5…6 rows of 9. More than half done! And then I looked more closely at my seam. Don’t you think I should have put the seam on the inside? That sound you hear is me giving the big old Homer Simpson “D’OH!” A big dopeslap for me, and I’m sitting here right now trying to decide:

Do I rip out the brim and the bindoff, and correct the seam?

Why? What’s the point of trying to do “seamless” work if it looks like it’s a two-needle hat? It will felt down, but it will always look like a big old (ugly) seam. Say it with me: “D’OH!”

Why not? The hat’s recipient (my husband) does not care about the seam, and gallantly refers to it as a “design feature”. And, have I mentioned that I’m more than half done?

On the bright side, I have once again called on my good internet karma and scored some Classic Elite Lush to make the turtleneck from Family Circle Easy Knitting, Fall 2002 (inspired by Amy’s love for this sweater – look for “Lush Pullover”). Nearly half price, which makes angora even more lovely. I love EBay, in all it’s weirdness. I can’t wait for the yarn to get here.

While I’m deciding what to do about my seam, and waiting for my yarn, I think I’ll swatch for the Cabled Rib Cardigan from Men in Knits – I can’t overstate how much I like this book, really. And Blackwater Abbey’s Bluestack is beautiful, don’t you think?

Note: this entry title is a reference to a line from Mr. Mom with Michael Keaton: “Are you going to use a 220 connection on that?” “220, 221 – whatever it takes.”

2 thoughts on “Three needles, four needles…whatever it takes.

  1. Kathleen

    I would rip out the seam. Having done that backwards/wrong side 3 needle bind off many a time! It is true that it would felt down. And you could probably trim it a bit. But it doesn’t look like there are that many stitches to take out and it is good practice. (At least that’s what I kept telling myself)

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