The crabby knitter.

First of all, let me say that there should be no such thing as a crabby knitter – you should knit what you love and discard guilt faster than dirty socks. And yet?

Exhibit one: the Bucket-O-Chic. How excited I was to finish this – finally my sweet husband would have a hip, cool hat – we’re short on hip here, so we’ll take all we can get. The Pastaza felted quickly and beautifully, my husband tried the hat on and proclaimed it the right size, and yet…

When we started blocking it, it was clear that not all was right in hat-ville; per, the instructions, the brim felted less than the body of the hat, and it looked slightly too long to me. And the blocked hat has a distinct “I’m going on safari in the African bush” feeling to it. It is as un-buckety as a bucket hat can be. See? And let me be clear: as I said to Bonne Marie when I e-mailed her in a panic, the fault is all mine. She suggested another “bath” and re-blocking, which I am desperate to do – the hat currently mocks me from its perch in the kitchen…but, my husband loves it. It’s not clear to me whether he actualy loves it, or simply loves it because I made it, but the grief-stricken look in his eyes when I said I wanted to fix it told me I was facing an uphill battle on more than one front. The hat and my husband are in cahoots, but I’ll win, one way or another.

Exhibit B: My Cabled Rib swatch. Oh, the Blackwater Abbey yarn is so lovely, and I am cabling without a cable needle, and following my first tiny charted pattern, and it’s all good, except… My gauge is too loose, and I now require two new circular needles for the cabled cardigan instead of one. No, I do not have size 4 needles or size 3 and no, I do not have any discretionary cash until I get paid on January 31. Why? Well, well, I bought yarn. More Koigu, to be exact (close observers will note that I already own 2 skeins, stashed away. Yes, that’s right – sucked in by two skeins of Koigu KPPM in colorway 116. My heart is beginning to swell once again with thoughts of Latifa, and I simply could not leave Fine Points without this yarn. Whether I Latifa or sock with it, it belongs to me now. This is the yarn that almost put me on a yarn diet. There is such a thing as too much! Must. buy. yarn. with. project. in. mind. Though if you’re going to stash yarn, you could do worse than Koigu.

Exhibit C: My top-down raglan (pictures forthcoming, that’s how much I care). It languishes, and I regard it with mounting guilt as I consider starting the turtleneck in Lush; I haven’t even divided for the sleeves yet! I love the Ballybrae, but the gauge is tiny, and it feels a lot like the cabled rib yarn, and it’s going so slowly and… I’m babbling because I want to come up with a reason to set it aside, perhaps (gasp) even frog it and look for a more exciting pattern. The Lush is so soft, the color so bright, and I could wear a turtleneck right now because it’s so cold here!

That sounds like a blurb from a self-help book: “Knitters Who Love the Sweaters They Might Frog.”

3 thoughts on “The crabby knitter.

  1. Mary

    Hey! You were shopping at Fine Points? Does that mean that you live somewhere nearby? That shop is one of my LYSes!

    Fine Points is where I have purchased most of my Koigu! Though I usually cause an avalanche while pulling it out of the shelf.


  2. sandy

    Oooohhh, black water abbey yarn! I have their yarn swatches with all the colors! (geez, alzheimers just kicked in as I can’t remember what that is called!):)
    I’m drooling!!!!

  3. Marie

    Well, if you can stand the frogging, then go ahead… frog! I understand it’s quite the IN thing right now… Hang in there! 😉

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