The love affair continues.

My love affair with Lamb’s Pride Bulky Superwash continues; because my charity knitting group will meet next Sunday, I took this week to devote my spare moments to a hat and mittens much like the ones I worked on before the holidays. Or more accurately, those two hats would have been a hat and mitten set had my parents’ dog not snacked on hat #1.

Tra-la-la – unafraid of threats to my knitting, I knit on, and this is the result – a hat and half a mitten for some lucky little boy. I made this hat even more stylish by using markers to make the necessary crown decreases at regular intervals – et voila, decorative feature! I know, everyone plans their decreases, but I felt like I was splitting the atom.

You could call this hat and mitten “the outerwear of procrastination”, because I am interested in finishing the back of my Lush sweater…but I realized that there’s a row of twisted stitches a good ten inches below the ones I fixed in my last update. Do I leave the twisted stitches, or reknit the back? The deal I have made is that I must knit the front and the sleeves before I decide whether or not to frog the back back (ha!), so I think the plan is to put the back on a holder and on hold while I move on to the front. I am knitting faster these days, but I still can’quite face undoing a week and a half worth of work.

When I’m ready to sew everything together, here is Lucy Neatby’s excellent mattress stitch tutorial. The yarn diet continues: best explanation of yarn dieting philosophy ever. And, in the knitting from my stash department: Super Quick Reversible One Skein Wool-Ease Scarf – I will use up that Wool-Ease yet! Best for last, what looks like an incredibly easy way to start a toe-up sock with a square toe – you know it has to be good if some folks on the socknitters list called it the “cheater’s toe.” Hee.

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