Just knittin…knittin’ a sock.

I’m sure this qualifies as “startitis,” but as soon as I realized that I already had the Cascade Fixation yarn needed to make the Broadripple sock pattern from Knitty, I had them on my needles. I’m not a fast knitter, but I am persistent, so you can see I’ve made progress.

You’ll also notice that I’m obviously going through a “green period”; Picasso had his “blue period” and I seem to be attracted to all the various shades of green I can find – while I was starting this sock last week, we even painted our bedroom green. Thanks to Laura Ashley paints, three of the walls are a lighter Lemongrass, and the fourth is a darker Apple 3. I feel so postmodern with a multicolored bedroom, but I am so ready for spring…and it matches my sock.

Unsure of what to do with your orphan acrylic yarn? Erin’s Afghans Plus will take your knitted afghan squares, or your leftover yarn. What a nice idea!

6 thoughts on “Just knittin…knittin’ a sock.

  1. jenny

    My bedroom is painted in Lemongrass. I love it. Sometimes it’s yellow, sometimes it’s green, but it’s always nice!

  2. Emma

    I loved knitting the Broadripple socks.Enough pattern to prevent boredom,but not too hard.They’re very nice socks too,I think.I’m making the sock yarn/fine version now.Just as enjoyable,if a bit slower !
    Your green Fixation looks fab !

  3. Sharon

    I’m still in a purple phase myself. But I have some green cashmere sock yarn that is to die for. Donna, thanks for the link to my yarn diet post awhile back. Wow, did I get traffic from that. I feel so honored by you. Seriously.

  4. Julia

    How funny! I’m knitting the Broadripple socks in Lime Green too! I’ll sign them up for Alison’s Spring Fling, and we can knit them together. I’m not very far ahead of you, just working through the gusset. It is a fun pattern, n’est pas?

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