Monthly Archives: April 2004

Two socks down, hundreds to go.

At long last, the Broadripple socks are done, and I love them. Even though I started them at the end of February, it seems like they’ve gone very fast. I recommend the Broadripple sock pattern as a great first sock pattern – a relief from the possibility of endless stockinette. I made some small changes to the pattern to customize the fit (read: make them smaller), and fit they do. Surprise! Perhaps the most valuable lesson in making the was my growing understanding of sock construction and “the sock formula” – you could look at knitting a sock like assembling a puzzle, and it’s fun! The Broadripple knitalong has almost 300 knitters, and is about to spin off an ongoing sockalong, Six Sox, a sock every other month for a year – exciting! I’m back to my Lush sweater, and thinking about what I’d like to knit from the summer issue of Interweave Knits…if I can keep from casting on from another sock.

The dog ate my needles.

Well, one needle, to be exact – my back was turned for two minutes and one of my Brittany Birch doublepoints was in pieces, courtesy of my dog. Conveniently, I was on the heel flap of my second Broadripple sock,
and won’t require all five needles again unless I want to make, oh, another pair of socks. Five needles has spoiled me – I so prefer it to four.

And I adore making socks – it’s so quick and so practical – after all, I wear socks almost every day. After this pair is complete, since I have two more pairs worth of Fixation, I might make Matt’s Fixation Socks. Of course, I’d need (say it with me) a new set of needles to be truly happy.

But to be honest, my heart is elsewhere. Where, you ask? Despite the fact that I have two sweaters on the needles, after perusing a copy of Alice Starmore’s Stillwater (thank you, interlibrary loan), my heart belongs to Rambling Rose (Victoria is a fine knitter, by the way – check out her other stuff). As an aside, one of my neighbors has a Rambling Rose because a friend knit it for her – I’m such a geek that when she showed it to me I was all “That has to be an Alice Starmore!” As soon as I saw the picture in Stillwater, I said “That’s Rebecca’s sweater!” and I knew I had to make one of my own.

I am in love with this sweater enough to struggle through the process of learning to knit it, so I will most likely tackle one of these two hats (or one of these) for practice with my stranded knitting techniques before I forge ahead on the sweater itself. KBTH has an exceptional teddy-bear sized Fair Isle sweater that would even allow me to practice steeking, but I have no bears to dress, alas.

The knitalong that ate Cleveland.

bripple-btn1.jpg Little did I know that a suggestion for a Broadripple sock knitalong on Friday would blossom into a co-hosted (thanks, Susan!) festival of knitting joy…with 54 members(!) by Saturday evening. Wowie wow – the need to knit the Broadripple sock is great indeed.

I have avoided second-sock syndrome, and nearly completed the cuff on ornery Broadripple number two that proved so hard to get a handle on recently, and I am ribbing away on the cuff for my Lush turtlenck sleeve – pictures to follow once the beginning knitalong frenzy subsides.

Are you interested in joining up? Visit the group page, steal the button – be a part of the “spring has sprung” madness – Broadripple goodness for everyone!