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I didn’t realize how much I really wanted to go to Sockfest until it was happening; same deal with Maryland Sheep and Wool – even though I have zero interest in spinning, and MS&W is a spinner’s mecca, I was jonesing for a fiber road trip. So I thought “My brother in law lives in New York state; how about Rhinebeck in November?” How about “He lives 200 miles away from Rhinebeck – New York is a bigger state than I thought!” So, maybe not. Maybe Michigan Fiber is more realistic. Or even KnitFest; Toledo is the gateway to knitting, apparently.

Fiber road trip or no, I’ve been knitting up a storm; it’s hard for me to tell whether or not I’m knitting faster, but I think so, because I’ve produced six seven inches of sock in a week (plus, I turned the heel on my birthday). See? That’s Lion Brand Magic Stripe on size 1 needles – I never thought I would use size 1s, but they feel great. Magic Stripes is heavier than average sock yarn; I’m slightly worried as a loose knitter that I’ll need to use 00 needles with regular sock yarn to get a fabric I like that wears well. Small needles are fine, but I have my limits.

In large-needle news, I am almost half done with the sleeve on my Lush pullover – two more sets of decreases then it’s knitknitknit till the shoulder shaping.
Whee! My new skill for the week is learning how to do an invisible increase on the purled side of the work – cool, no? I owe my newfound knowledge to the Knitter’s Companion, a surprise gift from a friend (a knitter, of course) that’s proving invaluable.

I’ve mentioned before that I have some sweaters my mom made me when I was in high school that are beautiful but terribly oversized. Unraveling a sweater might be just the tutorial I need to begin their transformation into something even more lovely.

And, just for laughs, here’s my wishlist from this thread on the Knitter’s Review forums: if you were given $500 and had to spend it on knitting supplies, what would you buy?

I’d buy the Alice Starmore Rambling Rose Fair Isle cardigan kit from Virtual Yarns, plus the yarn to make Little Rivers (also from Starmore’s Stillwater). A Charlotte’s Web Shawl kit in Koigu from Threadbear Fiber Arts, a complete set of Crystal Palace circular bamboo needles (well, 0 to 8, probably in the 24′ length), 0 and 1 40″ Addi Turbos to try Magic Looping, the Big Book of Vogue Knitting, The Knitter’s Guide to Finishing Techniques by Nancy Wiseman, The Art of Fair Isle Knitting by Ann Feitelson, a subscription to Interweave Knits, The Sock Calendar from Jackie E-S of Heartstrings Fiber Arts, some Lorna’s Laces sock yarn, because I’ve never used it, some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn (ditto). And I’d use the remainder of the money to take designer Kathy Zimmerman to lunch, because I think her cabled designs are so beautiful; I want to thank her. That should do it 🙂

Thanks to Knit One Purl Too’s Knitting Supplies Procurement Specialist (my husband), and some Barnes and Noble gift card action for my birthday, I’m getting a subscription to IK and The Art of Fair Isle Knitting – yay! More birthday surprises unveiled shortly – stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Knit faster!

  1. Sharon

    Donna, I was going to mention Knitfest to you since it’s so close to both of us. But one of our guild members said most of the workshops are already full. What do you know about it? Lush is the right word for your pullover…from the picture it’s such a rich shade of green.

  2. Ann

    If I had $500 to spend, I’d want to go for cashmere. That and a swift, which would probably work better than my knees or my eight year old!

    I love all your techniques links!


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