The way of the knitter.

I have a gift to make by Memorial Day weekend, and it’s going well – a Booga Bag for my friend Amy. This is a landmark project for me; when I started knitting again nearly a year ago, I called Amy and said “I want to make you a bag.” We went back and forth via e-mail about what kind, what color..and then other knitting got in the way. But the Booga has cycled around to the head of the list. It’s part of the great purse-along at Wombatty’s and what’s more it’s a stash-busting project because I purchased the Kureyon months ago when we finally picked the color. It feels good to plan something and finally do it. starproject1.gif [this button swiped from Vera]

It also feels good to be able to do it; the biggest difference between my knitting eleven months ago and now is that I have come to appreciate re-doing things as an opportunity to learn more about a given technique. I tried picking up stitches three times for the bag – each time it got better, and I could see why it was better. How about that? Here’s a closeup to celebrate:
Instead of a knitter who gets from point A to point B by the skin of her teeth, I’m becoming a “process knitter”. To better develop my appreciation for the art of knitting, I’ve signed up for Knitter’s Way a Yahoo Group that will read and discuss Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way in knitting terms. Am I an artist? Hmmm. Not like this. But I want to be the most creative knitter I can be.

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  1. melanie

    thank you for mentioning this group! I just joined, too – I’m a neophyte, but I’m already beginning to appreciate how knitting is enhancing my creativity —


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