I should have made the I-cord first.

Much like my trials with the circular cast on, I have now decided that the creation of any serious amount of I-cord is a reason not to do a project. Knit five, slide, knit five, repeat five hundred times. I don’t care that it seemed to go fast when I applied myself (applied…I-cord…get it? Hee.) it was the knitting equivalent of the dentist’s office.

But I soldiered on, producing 5+ feet of I-cord in record time, and now my Booga gift bag is done. There was a recent outbreak of “what’s up with all these felted bags” on knitflame (I think), saying they were heavy and ugly and lots of other words ending in -y. Well, I have to admit that my first felted bag resembled that remark – the fabric is somewhat bulletproof. It’s a handbag for a stylish Secret Service agent.

But the Booga is subtle, delicate yet strong – dare I say minxy? The fabric is soft, light, and the color is beautiful. Even Knit One Purl Too’s Felting quality Control Analyst (my husband), after initial skepticism, liked the Booga very much. Just goes to show you that yarn selection makes all the diffference – you can felt all 100% wool yarns, but you might not want to try each and every one.

Here is what I said to the KnittersWay group by way of introduction – by the time you read this, I will have actually started reading the book:

Hello, knitters –

I’m Donna; I turned 35 this month (make of that what you will; I’ve been
thinking “midlife crisis”), and I’ve been knitting on and off for 3 years, “on”
for the last one.

I love so many things about knitting: the color, the dimensional quality of
making something you can touch, hold and use, the feel of the yarn, the
“puzzle” aspect of putting stitches and pieces in place, the research and
reading about new techniques and patterns – I’m hooked (but I can’t crochet, no pun intended). My reach exceeds my grasp; I have yet to complete my first sweater (mostly because I abandoned the first one out of boredom and
restarted), but I’m already looking toward Aran knitting, Fair Isle and more complex projects.

I might be the exception, but I have no prior exposure to The Artist’s Way save for having heard of it. I wanted to read and work through it with you all
because I’m interested in discovering more about the kind of knitter I am,
beyond the projects I like. My husband is a fine woodworker, and makes
beautiful furniture out of just his ideas and talented hands – I’ve gotten used
to people saying “I can’t believe he can do that” about his work. People have liked my knitting, but I’ve never thought of myself as an artist. Perhaps
instead of asking whether I could be an artist, I should ask what kind of
artist I am.

who promises to start reading tonight

2 thoughts on “I should have made the I-cord first.

  1. Dar

    Just found your web site, what is the pattern you used for that cute little bag…the one you said the handles curled a bit for you…Would love to have it for my daughter’s birthday next month…thank you in advance!


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