Knit One turns one.

Wow, look at that – before you know it, an entire month has gone by. I hardly meant for that to happen, but a lot went on behind the scenes here at Knit One, Purl Too while things appeared quiet.

First and foremost, this blog is one, as of about three days ago – I’ve stuck with knitting for an entire year this time around (and I have another year’s worth of yarn upstairs, so am already drinking the bottle of champagne I bought for *next year’s* blogiversary – it’s a lock).

I am also now at a new webhost, with gobs of space for lots of pictures – more posting in the future, for sure. If your eyes glazed over when you read the word “webhost,” think of it just like a move to the new house: all the tedium, work and anxiety of moving without the heavy lifting of box after box marked ‘Miscellaneous’ (just folder after folder marked, helpfully, ‘images’).

The entry thus far reminds me of this great scene from The Paper, set at a newspaper not unlike the New York Post. In a frantic editorial meeting, the international editor is pitching one story after another about accidents, flood and famine around the world, all punctuated with “30 people injured…none from New York. Flood in Caracas, two people dead…none from New York.” So far, I’m all “none from New York” – no actual knitting content. What’s up with that?

“One plus” Magic Stripe socks – so far so good with the matching (I’ve decided I’ll be happy as long as the cuffs and legs match, but if I can get the second heel to look like the first, that would be an excellent trick, wouldn’t it?).

More Lush sweater sleeve – I forgot to keep track of my increases as I went, but I think I know where I am, so I hope to polish this off shortly. Who am I kidding? I knit and knit and this sleeve is really only half done. Half. I so wanted to finish a garmet for my blogiversary, but it looks like this will be done around the one year anniversary of the Sweater/Jumper Knitalong in October.

Am I a “one project at a time” knitter? It makes for a snooze of a knitblog, but I can only make one stitch at a time – if I spread them out over several things it just means I have more projects unfinished. Of course, right now, I can’t make any progress because as soon as I laid down the sock and sleeve after taking a picture, Knit One Purl Too’s Quality Control Staff (my cat, Charlie) undertook rigorous consumer testing. It might be time to swatch for something new after all.

4 thoughts on “Knit One turns one.

  1. Dana

    Hey! Congrats on your one year blogiversary! I have been peaking in on you for a long time and you have inspired me to blog too. Your Charlie is a lot like my Seamus – although Seamus likes to lie down on my knitting while I knit! Silly kitty.

  2. Sharon

    Happy anniversary. I see many blogs folding up and going home, so staying power is impressive. As to being a one-project knitter, you is what you is, and you is whatever you wishes to be. I’ll keep coming to read you, even if you get boring. 🙂

  3. Mary Morrison

    Wow! All that accomplished in only one year! If I’d knitted that much every year I’ve been knitting, we’d all be submerged in knitted stuff. You are to be commended. No writing you off as a non-knitter.
    Mary Morrison


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