Every day is a holiday…in September.

At first, I thought I was in a knitting slump. It was so hot that even my Fixation sock was sticking to my Brittany needles, so it was going….very…slowly. But as I come to the end of sock #1, I’ve already begun thinking about what’s next, and I have to admit two things:

1. I may not be in the frame of mind this fall to teach my hands a fiddly technique like two-handed, two-color knitting.

2. In knitting terms, the holidays are right around the corner – I better get started on holiday gift knitting.

Longtime readers will remember that i finished my last 2003 holiday gift in the car on the way to Christmas dinner at my mother-in-law’s house. Oy. That was the capper on an all-too-hurried holiday season, so this year, I’m saying I’d like to finish knitting gifts by November 1. I have several on my list already:

Danny Oulette’s Crossing Cables socks in Mountain Colors’ Bearfoot Granite Peak for a friend with big feet.

A cabled hat from Knitter’s Stash for another friend in cranberry Classic Elite Montera , and the Nordic Sweetheart Hat for her husband (so I will get some two color practice, even if the Lopi goes back in the stash. Besides, Nanette says smaller-gauge two-color projects are better for beginners, and who am I to argue with the expert? I’ve wanted to make that hat for awhile – so there you are, another project rationalized).

A doubleknitski hat for my brother in law, and a hat for my sister-in-law (perhaps the Frugalhaus cabled hat).

All these hat people have been waiting for quite awhile – I started blithley tossing off “I’ll knit you a hat” prior to the *last* holiday season, so I feel some urgency to put up or shut up, knitting-wise. So Nanette is having sock month, Michele is having post every day for a month month; I think September will be “get started on my holiday knitting” month for me.

So, of course. what did I do? After organizing my knitting basket, I started something else. It’s just the back, and it’s an inch if I’m lucky, but isn’t it beautiful? It’s the Cabled Rib Cardigan from Men in Knits in Blackwater Abbey Yarns’ Bluestack, a lovely tweedy grape, with flecks of brown and red and blue. A knitting slump, even a small one, is helpless in the face of such great material. I can’t help but pick it up, something which makes Knit One Purl Too’s Yarn Purchasing Watchdog (my husband) very, very excited. Is this a holiday gift? Realistically, no – but I’ll have fun trying (isn’t that the same thing they say about making babies?).

Bonus link: The cable needle as fine jewelry; I prefer cabling without, and I still can’t look away.

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