What big feet you have!

First things first: the first Ribtips sock is done (look for a picture shortly) almost done (maybe ten rows to go before grafting), and let me just say I had no idea size 9 1/2 feet were so much bigger than size 6 feet – how could I have been so naive about how long this was going to take? I think realizing the foot was going to be longer than the cuff was a clue that I was in for more knitting than I expected. But it’s looking gift-worthy, so I’m pleased.

Second, the sadly shredded sock first mentioned here? I was in denial – that yarn was shredded as well, and left a hopelessly tangled mess – my dog was efficient. I have relegated the partially-finished second sock (sob!) to a dark corner of my stash, not to be spoken of anytime soon. When I started knitting again in earnest, I wanted nothing more than a pair of those swank self-patterning jacquard socks; thankfully, I have some backup Regia – now all I need is the time to knit it.

Third: In just a few short days, the Knit One, Purl Too staff (me, husband and dog) are hitting the road to Yellow Springs, Ohio for A Wool Gathering. I am also in denial about how I have convinced the entire family to go to a knitting-related event that lasts multiple days. Woo! Also? It’s at a dairy that makes their own gelato – woo woo! This is my first real vacation in quite some time – I’m a little excited.

[Fourth (shhh!): My husband doesn’t know this, but I’m about to frog the 3/4″ of the Man-along Cable Rib cardie and start over – I got a little too creative with my stitch counting, and refuse to continue with a sweater that will only get more wonky as time goes on. This does not bode well for a January 1 finish, but I’ve gotten religion as far as using selvedge stitches for seaming is concerned, so there you have it.]

In other news, out of curiosity, I looked into thrummed mittens (I always want to say “strummed” – is that disrespectful?), mostly because I am about to frog a charity mitten I had almost finished, but didn’t like the looks of. I liked the dots on Stephanie’s mittens, and even through she’s promised a thrumming report, I’m a girl that likes to do her own research. Here is a free pattern for thrummed mittens from Yarn Forward, and I now understand that they are essentially, stuffed. so now, not only do I think “strummed,” I think “turkey” when I see mittens. “Strummed, stuffed turkey” – I’m hopeless, and potentialy senile. Is it just me, or do thrummed mittens seem like cheating in the two-color knitting department? Not that I’m bitter about giving up (temporarily) on the two-color sweater or anything, but working with short lengths of roving gives very little opportunity for the yarn/roving to tangle and frustrate the knitter. Easier knitting? What fun is that?

Mitten bonus: I’ve wanted to make the Broad Street mittens from Knitty ever since I saw the pattern Here are some handy tips if you want to make them too.

In the “tips” department, file away these Salt Peanuts tips – now that Theresa has finished her Salt Peanuts, I am inspired to knit this all over again (thankfully, it’s already in my stash). Salt Peanuts bonus: The Salt Peanuts knitalong.

Bonus bonus link:A really good-looking twisted-rib sock pattern. Yes, that’s right, more ribbing!

2 thoughts on “What big feet you have!

  1. lyn

    I just came across your blog and absolutely love it. I enjoy reading about your knitting adventures and looking at your pictures… you have done some really nice work :o)

  2. Sharon

    I can’t believe how many people have really big feet these days! And they all want socks. I’m learning to keep my mouth shut and not promise anything. You are a good person to keep plugging away on the Ribtips.


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