Shouldn’t I be working on a certain sweater?

Lo, I have finished the neverending socks – all it took was a visit to my sister- and brother-in-law’s house (six hours from my house to theirs, by car) and approximately ten to twelve additional hours of TV watching (Big is a good movie to knit to, Armageddon is not, in case you were wondering. Food Network good, ESPN bad – you get the idea). They have cable, we do not, so it was heaping helpings of TV all around. They are just hours away from being mailed – the recipient saw that and it was good.

Sadly, though I was in New York state (just for reference, when they call it a New York Strip Steak, that’s a cut of meat, not the point of origin) I did not go to either Rhinebeck or my own personal Rhinebeck, the Yarn Shop of Geneva. I did not even drive by the Yarn Shop of Geneva, so great was my interest in the socks I have been working on since July. If you’re reading this ladies, I’m sorry – look for me when trout fishing season rolls around. To make up for that tragic oversight, I took something special for the trip back as a reward.

That’s my Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Peacock, and I’m following Michelle’s basic sock recipe, a pattern I’ve had my eye on for a while, because I like ribbing (don’t look at me like that – this is different, non-boring ribbing). So far, so good. You would think the hard part would be teaching yourself the German Twisted cast-on in a car speeding down the New York State Thruway (here’s a hint: twist more than you think you need to, and that’s about right) but no.

Until today, I couldn’t figure out how to purl through the back loop, mostly because my Google efforts were inscrutable to the search engine gods. And I wanted to start right now! So, no Purl TBL on this pair, but it will be my first set of short row heels – two fabulous new knitting skills in such a small project (and technically it’s three, since I now know how to purl TBL).

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m losing my enthusiasm for knitting a pile of Christmas gifts. Hats and scarves will always be there, but there’s only one Man-Along, and I wouldn’t mind at all if Knit One Purl Too’s Winding Without a Swift Specialist* (my husband) got a sweater out of it. He wouldn’t either. working on a beautiful cabled sweater in lovely yarn is hardly torture. At least I am not knitting sweaters like this.

*Who has categorically declared that he will wind no more Cherry Tree Hill Supersock for me – I am on my own if I buy more because it is “the most tangle-prone yarn ever.” Don’t take it personally Supersock.

One thought on “Shouldn’t I be working on a certain sweater?

  1. Sharon

    Oh I don’t know, Donna. That bunny sweater has a certain je ne sais quois. I bet it would be perfect for someone on your gift list. Or someone’s gift list. Somewhere.


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