Re: The tragic disassembly of my first pair of self-striping socks.

To: Duffle
Fr: Donna
Re: The tragic disassembly of my first pair of self-striping socks

First of all, let me thank you for the recent pattern of waking us ten minutes before the alarm goes of because you are so, so hungry (thanks to the wacky vegan dog food/restricted diet the vet prescribed for your allergies). You just know that as soon as you have gone outside and been a good dog (at 5:50 in the morning), you get to eat. And we all know how important eating is to you, even as we suffer from your wacky fish-flavored dog breath afterward.

This memo serves to inform you that I was mistaken in my earlier assessment of your performance in re: the Magic Stripe socks (see July 27, 2004). While you did remove and destroy one set of Brittany Birch needles from said sock (for which I have still not received payment), I was wrong in my original assessment that the affected sock was “ruined” or that you were “eating all of my knitting” or that the sock was “beyond repair”. See exhibit A:

As you’ll note, the sock is back on the needles finished, almost without incident; for added protection, we used less tempting metal DPNs. Lion Brand Magic Stripe may be the poor man’s Regia, but it is fortunately as sticky as Shetland wool – even after nearly nine months exiled to a Ziploc bag, just a few stitches had dropped, and even those only one row. “Knitted together, we stay together, no matter how angry you get at the dog” appears to be the Magic Stripes motto.

Thank you too for showing no interest in mangling, chewing or hiding the Cherry Tree Hill socks (see a closeup of the afterthought heels), even though I’m sure they smell infinitely more interesting after regular wearings (four times and counting, including right this very second). I am finding it very satisfying to have finished them even though the experience of knitting them was less than thrilling. If you are keeping track, and I am, that makes two finished objects in two weeks, and three objects altogether in 2005 – almost one each month.

In short, Duffle, I apologize for anything I might have said regarding your character, willpower or lack thereof. While only growing out of puppyhood may make you a true friend to knitting (as it becomes less tempting), you are a true friend to all the denziens of Knit One, Purl Too – and for that I thank you.

Bonus link: the Marilyn knitalong I love this sweater.

One thought on “Re: The tragic disassembly of my first pair of self-striping socks.

  1. Christina

    God, Duffle is bloody adorable! Cute Cherry Tree Hill socks. I found my cats love Koigu so much that after casting on 63 cabled stitches one of them had chewed through the yarn. ::sigh:: Much empathy coming from here in IN!


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