That’s the kind of girl I am.

Now I understand what people mean when they talk about it being “too hot to knit sweaters” – I finished the body of the Lush sweater, and fickle girl that I am, instead of starting right in on the sleeves, I cast on for another pair of socks. I was looking for something easy and soothing as work got busier; a quick adaption of the 56-stitch 56-row sock pattern (can anyone say “64 stitches”) and I’m off to the races.

Five inches, six inches – everything was going along smoothly until I, um, tried the sock on. It’s about an inch too small; I can get it over my ankle, but as they say in the South, “it’s like stuffing ten pounds of sugar in a five pound bag.” So, I’m ripping. Or am I?

The astute among you will recognize this as Meilenweit Fun & Stripes; I see the stripes, and I guess those huge dark smudges at the edges of various stripes are the “fun”. Wow, that ticks me off. You cannot see that “design feature” at all when the yarn is in the ball – it’s only after you start knitting it up that the smudges show (look at the sock in the lower left here and you’ll see what I mean). Dear Lana Grossa: Could you please explain why you would make a lovely, colorful yarn with grey spots? I love you but I may have to start seeing other yarns. Love, Donna

After my little stockinette intermission, the Bearfoot Retro Rib socks started to look better and better – the right size, and now just a few rounds from the heel – imagine this sock several inches longer. But not very springy. What’s a girl to do? Why enter a contest of course. Thanks to the magic of random numbers and the fact that I love Donald Justice’s poem Men at Forty, Laurie is gifting me with this yarn in honor of her birthday (I am sending you to the entry so you can also admire the great picture of Laurie as a baby). What a treat, sure to save me from the “fun and stripe blues”. For the record, I am as surprised as anyone to be on the winning end of this contest. Then again, Donald Justice has never done me wrong. The third time’s the charm, though – I’m sure my contest luck is over at this point (at least until I have a contest of my own). Thanks, Laurie!

2 thoughts on “That’s the kind of girl I am.

  1. Laurie

    You’re very welcome! It’s in the mail as of yesterday, so watch your mailbox. I’m wearing my own rainbowlicious socks right now because, though it’s June in SLC, it’s 40 degrees and wet. And they call this a desert?

  2. Christine

    I’m with you – those smudges would drive me nuts. Be sure to include me on that letter to the manufacturer. I can’t wait to see your new & pretty socks – congratulations on winning the contest!


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