Must. knit. sock. now.

Tuesday, June 7: Laurie puts the sock yarn in the mail along with this stunning card – how did she know that every damn day is like that around here for me?

Friday, June 10: I receive the yarn in the mail. Do I think it’s lovely? Bet your sweet bippy I do; I am gripped with what could only be called “cast-on fever” (of the German Twisted variety, of course). I open the envelope after dinner and spend the trip to a local ice cream stand for dessert casting on (60 stitches, if you care).

Saturday, June 11: I knitted while we went grocery shopping: “You have to drive, because I have to work on the sock!” I knitted while watching Seinfeld reruns (“These pretzels are making me thirsty!”). I brought my knitting along in case it would be okay to knit while we went out with friends for ice cream (give me a break – it’s hot here!). There wasn’t really time, but I knit on the way to the friends’ house and back. And when I got home. (I increased to 68 stitches after the cuff, by the way.)

Sunday, June 12: Errands and volunteering on Sunday morning meant I couldn’t start knitting until close to lunchtime. But guess what i did Sunday afternoon? You bet! I was a knitting fool, or crazy like a knitting fox, whichever you prefer. More Seinfeld reruns and Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle kept me company, along with the Knit One, Purl Too peanut gallery (aka my husband).

Monday, June 13: In an effort to use up vacation time, I am taking Mondays off this month. What a sweet deal! I polished off the Seinfeld reruns and (say it with me) knit some more and then watched Office Space before my weekly Stitch ‘n Bitch. I don’t need to tell you what I did there. And this is where it got me: Not only is this progress photo a triumph of Photoshop, this is living proof that these are evidently the InstaSocks.

Which is a good thing, because I have succumbed to the Sockapalooza 2 virus, and I will cast on for that pair of socks soon enough.
sockapal2za_button.gif Even though I am a slow knitter, the Sockapalooza exchange seems do-able (is it wrong that I specifically asked for a sock pal with small feet? Don’t hate me, big-footed knitters – I think you’re great, but I’d finish your socks in December!). Plus, it’s so incredible to receive a pair of handknit socks made for me. [I also have to confess that I’m not sure I appreciate the true scope of the Secret Pal exchanges – it seemed to start out as wee trinkets you could fit in an envelope as a surprise for your pal, and it looks as though it’s become a “Christmas in July” sort of thing, with entire bags of yarn and flotillas of books from wishlists winging back and forth. I love other knitters, but if I’m buying a bag of yarn for anyone, I’m starting with me. Send comments to — Ed.] I am all about the small gestures, which is why I heart Laurie and her lovely gift of sock yarn. P.S. Opal, I was wrong about you – I think we’re going to have a beautiful future together.

One thought on “Must. knit. sock. now.

  1. Renada

    No apologies necessary! I requested a big-footed sock pal, because I have long feet myself! And I totally agree about the secret pal. I was in it in round 2, and it became a contest in who could receive/send the most stuff–and getting really expensive too. And then there’s the part where if you sent all that stuff, and you didn’t receive as much, (or anything at all), feelings would get hurt…to much drama!! Okay, sorry for the rant!


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