All about the socks (mine and hers and his).

Hang on to your shorts; I think this may set the record for “number of pictures Donna can stuff into one entry.” The only sad part? You’re about to see virtually my entire stash of sock yarn (Yes, Susan, this is almost everything – you do indeed have fifty times the sock yarn I do!). I spent part of yesterday unearthing potential yarn choices for me Sockapal2za pal. Let’s take a look! First, I went deep into the stash for the yarn that’s been marinating the longest: two different colors of Koigu, one (pink) purchased from Rob and Matt, and the other (blue) infamous for being the one that put me on my first yarn diet. This is some Sockotta I received thanks to a fortuitous swap with another Socklister, still unkitted after at least a year (I think I am in the “last in, first out” sock yarn stashing camp; witness the Opal socknitting frenzy). Perfect for summer, but is it the right yarn for my pal? Maybe, maybe not. Since I’m finishing the socks in September, my sock pal could enjoy warming her tootsies in this Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Wilderness. It’s soft, knits up quickly, and would be obscenely comfortable – are the colors too masculine? Plus, I’m kind of in the middle of a pair of Bearfoot socks right now (see below for action shots). Here’s awesome sock yarn from Debbie at DZined. This is the last of my swell hemp yarn stash – I may make a pilgrimage to KnitFest for more, or I may have to keep this for myself! This Lang Jawoll was a delightful find on last year’s trip to The Fifth Stitch in Defiance; Ellen Upp’s store is off the beaten track for me, but she has sock yarns I don’t see anywhere else (thankfully, there’s mail order). Should I use self-patterning yarn, though? Isn’t that cheating? Sock pal, will you love your socks if they’re stockinette? And yet, even as I worry about the self-patterning yarn, here’s some that’s won my heart: Regia, won earlier this year from the lovely Lisa and her dawgs. I have fantasies of wearing socks made out of this yarn to work, hidden under sedate suit trousers – so my sock pal might be out of luck here.
What to do (Duffle was unimpressed with my quandry over what to choose.)?

I would be remiss if I didn’t share progress on my current socks – the first Opal sock is sooo long I had to fold it to get a decent photo (hee!), and very close to the toe decreases. Here’s a view of the lovely heel, in which I bossed around my knitting and broke the yarn to achieve to pattern repeat I wanted. We are all about the small knitting victories here at Knit One, Purl Too.

I’m also (finally) about to turn the heel on the first Retro Rib sock (Closeup of incredibly hard-to-photograph fabric) for Knit One, Purl Too’s Yarn Expedition Expediter – my husband. He’s calling it a July vacation to Acadia National Park in Maine; I’m calling it an excuse to visit Green Mountain Spinnery, Peace Fleece, Halcyon Yarn, Cottage Craft…you get the idea. And, sock pal? I think you’re getting Koigu – nothing’s too good for you!

Bonus link: Though it’s hard to believe I’d be looking at winter garments when it’s so hot out, check out these cool handwarmers in Berroco Air – I thought Berroco was “all foofy yarn, all the time” – who knew?

4 thoughts on “All about the socks (mine and hers and his).

  1. susan

    Your Opal Brazil 5001 sock is looking great. Is that the yarn you won from Laurie?
    And your sock yarn stash may be comparatively small, but, dang, you have some great stuff! I’d use the Bearfoot for your Sockapal2za pal; I can’t imagine that anyone could resist it.


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