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I couldn't love them more Are they not tremendous? Just as I thought it might, my tour around the sockaPal2za universe led me past the socks that would eventually be mine, a wonderful pair of cashmere lace socks knitted with great care by Julia, from Folk Socks, by the inimitable Nancy Bush. They fit beautifully and are as soft as buttah, but what really won me over was the picot edging. Mmmm. Super-feminine picot edging, a something knitterly which I have not yet tried, and which I like very much. So pretty. Thank you so much, Julia! And a big thank you to Karen, who paid me a number of lovely compliments on the socks I knit for her, not the least of which was “They fit perfectly.” Whew, I mean yay! Thank you both.

So close to being doneThe Opal socks are almost finished; round and round the foot I go, pleased as punch that we appear to be on the bus to Matchville with these beauties. I am not the kind of person who insists that all her handknitted socks match exactly, but come on – with self-striping yarn, I want them as twinned as I can get; I’m fussy that way.

Because I’ve been “all socks, all the time” around here, my fingers rebelled this weekend – they said “serve up some worsted weight knitting, please” – so I did. I'm so lonely here on Sleeve Island Yes, that’s the sleeve for the sweater I started nearly two years ago. Nice; a lot of water has gone under the bridge since I first thought “I want to knit myself a sweater”, so there are fewer quality control issues as I come to the end of this loooong project. Well, if it’s not quite the end, at least I can see the end from where I am. I want to wear a finished sweater in the worst way, man.

And let’s talk for a moment about what else I want. I am in a phase of completion and stash consumption, quite happy with what I have – but that doesn’t mean I’m made of stone. No matter how slowly I knit up the yarn, the books and patterns are the promise of the next thing – no matter whether I want to knit a lovely Fair Isle sweater or a sweet pair of socks, if I have the pattern I’m ready for whatever tickles my fancy. You see what’s coming, don’t you? I come across at least ten patterns a month (more, now that this book is out a full month earlier than I expected, dammit!), and I’ve completed four finished objects in 2005 – three pairs of socks and a hat. Translation? I’m up to my eyeballs in all kinds of yarn and patterns – and it appears that it’s going to be that way for the foreseeable future, thanks to my burning desire to add a log cabin blanket, Liesje’s Socks, the Norwegian Snowflake Cardigan, Kepler, a Fair Isle hat, Spork, this amazing sweater from Lopi book 21 that reminds me of the ocean (and features just the right amount of apple/lime green, the official color of Knit One Purl Too), the Mossbank pullover, virtually any Miss Bea’s sweater (even though my pool of properly-sized child receipents is really small), and any and all sock patterns by Evelyn A. Clark to my knitting list. Whew! And that’s just this month.

But I am a woman on a mission – FO or bust! Thank God the new TV season just started, that’s all I have to say.

And this is a little something for Tiffany

1. favorite fall book to read: I think that would have to be The Cider House Rules, by John Irving – he’s been my favorite writer for a long time, and what could be better than a big, sweet, heartbreakingly melancholy book that just happens to be filled with apple picking as summer fades away?

2. favorite fall soup to eat:Hot and Sour soup (tiger lily buds optional, obviously).

3. favorite fall stew to eat: Moqueca, a Brazilian fish stew that’s easy to make, creamy, mild and delicious. We had it last winter just before the new year for Knit One Purl Too’s Official Husband birthday dinner, and when we had it again last week it was a great reminder of the season coming up!

4. favorite healthy muffin recipe: Lowfat Apple Bran Muffins is very similar to a recipe my aunt has been making for umpty-million years; they freeze well, but you may not get the chance to do that, because they’re so tasty.

5. favorite fall tree: No contest – the maple. I love the tree, I love the syrup, and I love the candy.

6. favorite fall knit: And this is also “no contest”. It occurred to me just today that I’ve loved Kathy Zimmerman’s Bed and Breakfast Pullover ever since I saw it in Interweave Knits (Winter 2003). If I keep on knitting, perhaps the next addition to my stash will be some Mission Falls 1824 Wool to make this lovely sweater. But now that it’s been discontinued the clock is ticking and supplies are running low – will I be able to resist? I guess that also makes eleven things I’ve added to my knitting list this month!

5 thoughts on “Lovely and amazing

  1. Tiffany

    Get out of my head already! I love John Irving – Have you ever read Owen Meany? I want to try out both the soup and the stew – I think my husband would really like them both! That’s a super muffin recipe too. I love everything maple – especially those maple candies that are in the shape of the maple leaf. AND I just drooled when I saw the Bed and Breakfast Pullover when my IK was delivered. I could never decide if it would be a flattering fit for me though.

    Thanks for playing the contest – I have got you down for 7 entries!

  2. Christine

    I feel like two worlds are colliding to see that you got the socks that Julia knit. You were, of course, one of my big knitting inspirations. I’ve met Julia in person at SXSW, thanks to her Clapotis. I mean… how crazy is that? (Ok, maybe just to me, but still…)


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