Just keep doing what you’re doing. Knitting!

Mom will get her socks sooner rather than later It’s only February, and already I have crossed two knitting New Year’s Resolutions off my list My apologies to those of you who read via RSS or Bloglines: I suspected that the actual “crossing off” of said resolutions might cause my feed to update prematurely, but completist that I am, I could not resist. This update is “for reals,” as the kids say. The first (finishing a sweater) was a done deal when the list was written, so it gives me great pleasure to say that I have also knocked off the hardest, boringest, scariest resolution: Go through my odds-and-ends bag and reorganize my stash. Result? I felt very virtuous, appreciating what I had rather than contemplating all the yarn that could be mine, but was not yet in my possession. Then I bought something.

(By the way, that’s my mom’s first sock up there, Fortissima Socka Colori 9069 – I haven’t cast off in the verrry unlikely event the sock doesn’t fit – those last stitches on the left are on safety pins.)

If you’re going to buy only one sock book this year…who am I kidding? No one stops with just one sock book. In honor of Sockapaloooza, I added Knitting Vintage Socks to my library; I’m also reading Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch – both are tremendously inspirational while I consider what to make for my sock pal. Or myself; I’m ready to cast on about nine new pairs of socks, including those crazy Jaywalkers everyone’s been up to.

I'm the second sock.  I'll be done by the end of February. And that’s just what I’m doing – considering. Others will tackle mondo marathon projects for the Knitting Olympics, but in the spirit of Homer Simpson, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing until it pays off – I have two pairs of socks on the needles and I’d love to almost finish one or both by February 26 (in the spirit of the Homer Simpson Olympic knitalong, I wouldn’t dream of actually finishing something until after the Olympic torch goes out). Of course, I plan on enjoying the process as much as the finished objects, if there are any. And if this second sock is any indication, there will be.

2 thoughts on “Just keep doing what you’re doing. Knitting!

  1. Christine

    Oooooh… I already have some 9069 in my future – it was one of the first sock yarns I bought and I still haven’t knit them. I wondered how the colors would come out. Yours look great! Now I can’t wait to knit mine!

  2. Sharon

    The torch has been lit
    And of course we will knit
    But only when it
    Doesn’t send us into a snit.

    Raising a glass to all of us, in and out of the Knitting Olympics. We’re all champions….YEAH!!!!


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