The agony of the feet. Get it?

teamFO.jpg Team FO, Team Finish the Damn Thing, and the participants in the UFOlympics – to all knitters determined to use the Knitting Olympics as an opportunity to clear off their needles, I salute you. I really had no business interest in starting something new, Olympics or no – as usual, I am stubbornly “FO or bust,” even when a project is boring me to tears or bugging me. I had a not-so-secret dream of finishing Mom’s Striped Socks and the Retro Ribs in the 16 days of the Olympics to make way for Sockapaloooza socks, but until now I had not known there was a team for me – I had not yet found “my people.”

Perhaps you know them: the slow knitters, the knitters with start-itis, the knitters who blithely promise finished objects at a rate possible only if knitting were their full-time job? We are not all the same, but we are the knitters with UFOs that can only be termed “vintage”. We are the knitters so unfinished that some of our (promised, yet-to-be-delivered) FOs still resemble skeins of yarn. I am moved beyond words that knitters like me are part of the Knitting Olympics, even if I am not.

The agony of the feet.  Get it?From the quasi-Olympic news department or, will she finish the socks – ANY SOCKS – in 16 days? Sadly, though Mom’s Sock #2 is moseying along fast enough, I received the crushing news on Saturday night during a custom fitting that the foot on sock #1 is too big around. Now you know where I get my dainty feet from. Let this be a lesson: do not leave stitches on holders or otherwise make plans to re-knit unless you actually think you want to. [note: if my mother ever reads this, I have never not wanted to do anything you’ve asked of me, including knitting you a pair of handmade socks which actually fit. Thanks for giving birth to me, and thanks too for not giving me away to unsuspecting strangers when I bit you on the nose as a toddler. I’m sure I didn’t mean anything by it. You will love your socks. Love. them.] And the title of this entry? If it’s not the thrill of victory, it might be the agony of defeat.

One thought on “The agony of the feet. Get it?

  1. Christine

    I’ve considered tossing my Knitting Olympics project to the side and just finishing two or three other things instead. But instead, I march forward like a brave Olympian. It must be the adreneline.


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