Cast on 64 stitches…or 72…or 60.

An actual comment from Knit One Purl Too’s caliper-fetching, ad hoc needle gauge measurement team (aka my husband): Just how many times have you cast on for that sock, anyway?

Me: Oh, just eight or nine.

In reality, it was probably closer to eighteen or nineteen, but the only time I really cared was when I started to resent, just a tiny bit, that every sock pattern I was trying did not require the same number of stitches cast on at the beginning. Starting over really meant starting over. The Cable Rib Socks (scroll down) from IK was 64 (here’s a lovely variegated version), but the Mock Croc socks from Knitpicks were 60 (yay, just 60!), and the Broken Cable Rib socks from the IK website (those are so nice – you’ll notice it’s a solid color yarn) were a daunting 72, which quickly pulled in to a reasonable-seeming circumference once the cabling began.

And none of them really fit the bill. Here’s my attempt at the Cable Rib socks – the rib is nice enough, but the single cable (on the left there) was completely swallowed up by the variegation in the yarn. Here’s the front of my Broken Cable Rib sock – leaving aside the fact that right about here I started to suspect that I was misreading the pattern because it didn’t look like my cables were crossing correctly, this sock in variegated yarn looks just too, too much to me – very Santino. And when you turn it over – well, that pooling makes me faint. So unpretty! Which is why this is such a relief (click to make bigger):

I am Knitty's Crusoe.  I am so nice. I resisted Crusoe because…well, I don’t know why, other than I had read one or two comments along the lines of “this sock is too tight.” If I have one Sockapaloooza rule, it would be “knit something with stretch for a forgiving fit.” Though it may seem like I broke this rule with Crusoe, I am knitting the pattern over 64 stitches at a tighter gauge; the resulting fabric is firm but not board-like, with a surprising amount of give. It’s slightly too big for me, but I have the ankles of a bird, so everything should be fine. Fun to knit, fun to wear, pretty to look at – whew!

3 thoughts on “Cast on 64 stitches…or 72…or 60.

  1. Christine

    Oh! I just saw this on Flickr and wondered if it was Crusoe, so I scampered over here to see. It is! It is! And it looks fabulous! I may have finally found the right pattern for one of my pairs of Koigu socks. Yeah! I can’t wait to see how yours turns out.


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