Yarn Voyeurs, Step this Way

flashyourstash.jpg Without further ado, I present my stash in four acts, er, bins: Sock and Lace Yarns, Skeins and Small Projects, Sweaters I’m Hoping to Finish, and Sweaters I’d Like to Finish before the Decade is Over. The photos give lots of juicy detail about what’s in each bin, so why not click on the photo below and take a look at the whole thing?

I don’t feel like my stash is too large, but spreading it all out and taking pictures was a reminder that I have a lot, including yarn for several sweaters that may or may not be the right style for me. Surprise! I fear I am too short for Salt Peanuts or The Very Thought of Him, but I’m planning to make them anyway. [Man, looking at Stephanie’s version of that ribby sweater again makes me want to go cast on right now. Now. – ed] I think the moral of the story is “don’t buy yarn for sweaters you won’t get to making for years because you might learn enough about making sweaters to figure out your preferred style – which is not the sweater you originally chose” but if it’s fun, who cares, you know?

Here’s another surprise: without meaning to, I don’t think I’ve bought any yarn since November – the newest addition is yarn for the Pop Up Paws mittens; I’ve bought a set of DPNs and Knitting Vintage Socks, but that’s it. I know, I can’t believe it either, sonsidering that I spend my days dreaming of the perfect yarn for Ene’s Scarf and hoping that a couple of bags of Noro will turn up on my doorstep for Mavis or Lizzy.

I wonder if I could empty any one of these bins this year?

Sock and Lace Yarns

4 thoughts on “Yarn Voyeurs, Step this Way

  1. Christine

    I have a fabulous blue yarn all set for my Ene’s Scarf. Maybe during my summer of lace I’ll get to work on it!

    I might flash my stash later today. I’m afraid if I photograph it, it will make me realize how long I need to go without buying another ball of yarn. Not that that would be a bad thing.


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