Two really are better than one.

Resistance to knitting is futile. Proof my husband has joined the knitting collective? He sends me, unbidden, an online ad for Kangol hats:

Subject: Read the text in this link:

To be an expert knitter is as complex and hard to achieve as being as good at Kung Fu as Bruce Lee. In fact Bruce Lee once applied for a job at Kangol. At the interview we gave him two knitting needles and said “show us your stuff”. He immediately chopped one in half with the side of his hand. Then ripped off his tee shirt and destroyed the other one by breaking it against his bare rippling chest.”That’s all very impressive, Mr. Lee but that is not going to get many hats made is it?” We said. Fortunately the next interviewee had devised this clever venting Knit while studying the 36 chambers of the Shaolin Temple. Guess who got the job?

With no patience for knitting needles, Bruce Lee would probably crush any knitting project he came to hate: “You frustrate me? I set you on fire!”

Two really are better than one. Far from hating my sockpal dream socks, I am working away on the second sock leg; I was close to turning the heel on sock #1 and I just had the urge to keep ribbing, so I cast on for #2. Sharon asked “Does it go faster if you’re doing two socks at once?” I would like to say “yes,” but two legs at once just feels like one really long leg. I think I’ll only be able to feel the speed after I turn both heels one right after the other. That will be faster.

I think there is an 87.9 percent chance these socks will be done by May 1, in part due to the unusually high amount of transit knitting time available to me this month. These socks will see New York (upstate and city, two trips), Boston, the Amtrak Acela between New York and Boston, two airplanes and the New York State Thruway. Eagle-eyed blog readers will know that the appearance of the New York State Thruway on this blog means that we are visiting The Yarn Shop of Geneva my brother- and sister-in-law for Easter; there may be some browsing involved, but I am not telling the socks that I might see other yarn.

For the record, it is also a complete coincidence that my work event on New York’s Upper West Side happens to be a block and a half from Knitty City. Really, I swear.

2 thoughts on “Two really are better than one.

  1. Kim

    My pal’s socks saw the mid~hudson valley region and the city this weekend. Unfortunately I was doing most of the driving on the Thruway which makes for difficult knitting :o)

  2. Karola

    Donna, so when were you in nyc? i just got back home yesterday morning and will send out the socks tomorrow.. was supposed to have foot surgery today.. but it was messed up and now it won’t happen till next thursday.. ugh.. maybe i’ll even have my new socks to keep me happy 🙂 didn’t remember to get anything from hilton head either to put in the package.. silly me…. karola


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