On the Internet, no one can hear how frustrated you are.

Things I have said over the last two weeks:

“Wow, two sock legs at once takes a long time.”
“I am so looking forward to short row heels – the Dream Socks pattern is genius.”
“Hey, I can do the backwards yarnover now.”
“The first half of these heels is going pretty well.”
“Do you think when Priscilla Gibson-Roberts knits three together, it looks this crappy?”
“This can’t be right.”
“Oops – $)#_*$, I dropped a stitch.”
“I’m not ripping back – I’m fixing instead.”
“Aaaagh! I ripped it back.”
“Maybe I should try the Sherman heel.”

two heels, coming at youYou know, at this point, it’s little comfort to me that a. I may have mastered the short-row heel. b. I have knitted something on the order of three socks worth of knitting for my pal (something like six leg swatches from different patterns, 3/4 of a Crusoe, two Dream Socks legs), because I don’t think I’m going to be done on time with the two socks I am currently knitting. Maybe. Maybe not.

For reasons that are a mystery even to me, I persist with the “try new techniques even under a deadline” plan – I did not want to do a flap heel, so I knitted the first half of Priscilla’s Dream Sock heel, oh, four or five times before I had to admit that the k3tog (and even the substitute for k3tog suggested by Sally Melville here) on the second half was not up to my “must look good for the sock pal” standards. So I took the good advice Janine offered with sock pattern featureing the Sherman heel above. “If you’re not sure you understand it, why not experiement with a swatch?” So I did. Looks weird, huh?

I tried the Sherman, and I tried the PGR. I’m sorry Priscilla, it’s not you, it’s me – I liked the Sherman heel better. Even in Bernat CottonTots, it looked neater and there were no holes. So now I knew what my preference was without having to rip back, adjust or reknit for what felt like the 10,000th time. I think the extra work was worth it.

look closely - it's a heel

5 thoughts on “On the Internet, no one can hear how frustrated you are.

  1. zee

    I’m dying to cast on my socks. But I’m already wondering what heel I’ll be doing.

    Love your sock colors. Love the blues!

  2. alison

    Wow, those are gorgeous socks! You’ve done a terrific job on the heels. And I am so with you on the loooooong leg thing. I knit one knee-high leg and had to rip it, then did the other two right after one another. So glad that we’re both at heels now. Hooray for us!

  3. MJ

    You know, I’ve never tried a Sherman heel. Now I’m curious to see how it would work with toe-up construction. Thanks for the link!

  4. Nanette

    I usually use the exact same heels and toes for all my socks. I really need to start trying all the fun variations out there like you’re doing.

  5. Becka

    OMGoodness, I happened upon your blog right after I had short row heel woes!! LOL, it’s as if we were thinking the same thing…I ended up with the Sherman heel, too! For some reason I can’t seem to make a decent looking short row heel these days…THANKS so very much for the link to Sally Melville’s k3tog solution, it makes SUCH perfect sense! Now, that the heel is complete (after much frogging, poor heel) I find the k3tog solution…LOL…there’s always the next heel 🙂
    Have you any wonderful solutions for great looking short row heel? I’d LOVE to hear them!


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