C’est si bon.

Done, finally There may be no nicer feeling than finishing a project, particularly when the finished object in question is *cough* a few days late (mostly due to my monumental inability to accurately measure my knitting). My disappointment, however, was outweighed by 1. my new love affair with the short row heel and toe and 2. the arrival of my own pair of sockpal socks (yay!).

Oh, short row, how I love you. In the Sherman heel, we see you in your Platonic form, perfect and uncomplicated with bothersome wraps, if a little boxy. There is no picking up of heel stitches, no messy decreasing at the gusset. In a measure of how much my passion for the short row technique grew, after I cast off these socks, I was immediately ready to make another pair for myself. The only thing stopping me is that I have already picked my post-Paloooza project, and I already have two pairs of socks in progress. I am so tempted to rip out the flaps on my mom’s socks and short row ’em. I may need some sort of intervention.

In addition to the socks, my pal will be receiving a custom-sized set of sock blockers created by Knit One Purl Too’s Sock Accoutrement Supply Staff (aka, my husband) especially for her tiny feet with the assistance of Photoshop and power tools. Can you believe it? If my husband were a knitter, rather than simply the world’s Most Enthusiastic Knitting Groupie, his first sweater would proably be an Alice Starmore. I hope you love your socks, pal – I miss them already.

My feelings of loss were short-lived, however, because my wonderful pal, Jen from Knitting for Sanity, gifted me with a beautiful pair of Friday Harbor socks (Nancy Bush, Knitting on the Road) in Mountain Colors Weaver’s Wool Quarters (see a detail shot here). I know spring has barely arrived, but these socks (which fit perfectly, by the way) have me ready for fall. They’re (for lack of a better word) perfect, Jen – thank you! And also? Number of pairs of Nancy Bush socks I own: 2. Number of pairs knitted by me? 0. Must remedy that…but that’s a story for my next post, with a working title I Went to New York and Boston and Came Home With Yarn – Is That Wrong?

8 thoughts on “C’est si bon.

  1. Christabel

    So impressed with your husband’s woodcraft!
    I too am addicted to the short-row heel…although the PGR is my personal fixation at present.

  2. erin

    My package came today! THANK YOU!!!! my Midgie feet never had it so good. I’ve been showing them to everyone (non-knitters aren’t nearly as enthusiastic as I think they should be.) Thanks again

  3. trek

    Knitting groupie – I love it!
    I came in from My Best Friend’s a Dork because of the cool sock blockers. Do you think you/your DH would be willing to swap me a pair for my feet for a sock bag for your knitting? See my blog: http://trekcelt.blogspot.com for some of my bags!

  4. Sonya

    Beautiful socks! Thanks for your comment on my Must Have. I added 6 stitches on either side of the back and sleeves, and on the moss stitch side of each front. It didn’t affect the shaping.

  5. Christine

    I’m waiting for the New York and Boston yarn tales with baited breath… And has your husband opened an Etsy shop for those sock blockers yet? Because I seriously want some. I would be willing to trade you Koigu for them even…

  6. Christine

    I wrote you back … and it came back to me! A bounce message and all. I used the address you wrote from (you at this domain) – is there another one I can try?


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