It was a dishcloth, er, warshrag, emergency.

Now I can't say I haven't knit one. I could blame it on Kay and Ann, and there’s no question Bonne Marie had an influence. I finally broke my long-held rule against dishcloths this week while working out the logjams and details accompanying knitting projects which are misbehaving. You know what? I didn’t feel weird – I felt like Elizabeth Zimmerman, with all the garter stitch.

Details: Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth in Peaches and Creme Cotton, color Seafoam, knit on size 4 Clover Bamboos. There’s an alarming amount of the skein left.

Regular wool-based blogging will resume shortly. What on earth came over me? I feel like I just survived a bout of the 24-hour warshrag flu…

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