Monthly Archives: July 2006

There are no bad sweaters, just temporary fashion blindness.

Mmmm, bobbles I know. Another dishcloth – that sound you hear is surely hell freezing over as I turn around and do everything knitterly I swore was not for me – odds are I’ll bust out with a shawl next. I feel I earned this finished object, though, because after making it through the bobble and eyelet rounds unscarred (after which the MDK book says you can pat yourself on the back, particularly if you were watching TV – which I was, so I did), I promptly screwed up the symmetrical decreases – three times. How freaking hard is it to decrease after a marker? Well, first, you have to admit you need a marker, even on a small project. What can I say? I’m a slow learner. It’s not perfect, but I loved making it, so I’ll probably torture myself again with the pattern before I run out of dishcloth cotton.

So that makes six finished objects in 2006 – which ties me with my total for all of last year. Woo! I have just three items on the needles right now: the Retro Ribs and the Cabled Rib Cardigan, plus the emergency sock I mentioned here, which will be either Nancy Bush’s Conwy sock from Knitting on the Road (you know where to find the book, but have you seen the incredible FO photos that are part of the knitalong?) or RPM from Knitty, with a clever modification that makes it a little more mindless, er, easy to knit while looking like you’re paying attention in software training.

I also have a post up at Knitting Simplicity this week: Stashing, and the “sweet spot.” The project I mention there that I just don’t think is right for me would be the heartbreakingly lovely Salt Peanuts by Veronik Avery you’ll recall that I went through a great deal of work trauma to get enough yarn…only to suspect know the sweater wouldn’t suit me. When life gives you a sweater’s worth of lemons, what can you do but make lemonade? After considering, I think I can make Bonne Marie’s Ribby Cardi using the Muench Bergamo. You know there are many lovely Ribbys out there, but were you aware there appears to be a small subset of genus Ribbyius knitterus who have chosen to make the sweater in an allover 2×2 rib, like this one and this one – that’s exactly the kind of sweater I need. I have no idea why ribbing makes me swoon, but it does, so who am I to argue with my id? To the untrained eye, the Ribby and The Very Thought of Him (which I threaten to cast on for during every entry) look as similar as the cerulean belts featured in The Devil Wears Prada – don’t be fooled! I may need both to be truly fashion forward.

Knitting in Public, on my own porch P.S. Scout? This is where I knit (complete with IPod full of Living on Earth podcasts and a big supply of Diet Dr. Pepper), but only during the summer months, obviously. Adirondack chair = handmade birthday present for me from Knit One Purl Too’s Knitting Environment Enhancement Staff (aka my husband). Must. make. effort. on. his. cabled. wool. sweater. Must show the knitting love. Thank God for air conditioning, or I’d need to knit naked!

Making the doughnuts.

I’m so sorry – I keep thinking I’ve actually written something here, but every time I look, it’s still the same, and I realize “You were just thinking that about the sock – actually writing it down is another completely different step.” Herewith, some notes from the underground (ha!):

Again with the Retro Rib: The heel is turned, the gusset is mere rows from being completed – all that remains is the foot, and of course, the toe. I have approximately a million hours (okay, a week’s worth) of software training coming up and I thought “this pattern is too complex to knit while I look like I am paying attention for eight solid hours a day.” Why not start something new? Something simple, yet not just another stockinette sock? Inspired by this lovely Trekking sock and the purchase of some Trekking in my favorite colors (lime green and pink – I can’t look away!), I started the chevron pattern my own self and then when I stopped to admire my work as Maggie Righetti recommends, I noticed I had screwed up twice in the space of two hours. The garter stitch cuff I’ve got covered, but lose one YO and it seems lost forever. Unsurprisingly, I am back to thinking the Retro Ribs are looking like a good choice (but I reserve the right to give in to desperation and start a plainer sock – eight hours a day is a lot of training).

I’m feeling pretty monagamous, project-wise: I have just 2 1/2 things in progress right now: the Retro Ribs, the Cable Cardigan (Good Lord – remember that?) sweater – and the 1/2 a project is a dishcloth I haven’t shown you yet. How virtuous is that? I am finishing things I have started, I am knitting from stash, and it’s all good. In the spirit of knitting simplicity (I urge you check out that link), I even destashed, and sold off some yarn when Knit One Purl Too’s Color Choosing Specialist (aka my husband) said “That Lopi is too brown – it would be too much for me.” I can take a hint and I’m not going to spend a lot of time knitting a sweater that’s not the bee’s knees for my sweetie. Between that and the finishing of projects, I’m feeling…simpler.

I’m also feeling busier – my lack of posts can be attributed in part to a huge freelance writing project that has me writing a lot, almost every day for the next few months…in addition to my regular job, where I write and raise money and work with volunteers and analyze spreadsheets and charts and all that. On the bright side, freelancing pays extraordinarily well, especially when compared with the average nonprofit salary. But I’ll try to keep updates coming; even as my free time dwindles you know knitting will be the last luxury I’ll give up. And when the stash is small enough, my future yarn purchases will already be paid for. Sweet deal, no?