One of our socks is missing.

For the curious, here is how much I can knit in one week when confronted with hours and hours of software training. Add on three hours of TV (yes, I am one of the three people in the United States still watching Workout) to turn the heel, and voila – two-thirds of a sock. Specs: Trekking 107 on size 0 Addi Turbos a la Magic Loop. Want to play along at home? Couldn’t be simpler: Cast on 64 stitches, rib for one inch, increase to 72 evenly (i.e. once every 8 stitches) in the last row of ribbing, knit in stockinette for 6 more inches, make Sherman heel. I do use a row counter while Sherman-ing to keep track of how many unworked stitches I have on each side, but you may have better powers of concentration than I do. After the heel, I’ll most likely decrease to 68 or even 64 stitches for the foot, because my feet are tiny, then do a round toe at the 7.25 inch mark for a total foot length of just over nine inches. Then, because that’s just the way I am, I’ll do it all over again for my other foot. [Note that this assumes I already know the number of cast-on stitches I need because I know the number of stitches to the inch I’m getting – if you’re thinking “Hey, that sounds easy, I’ll just jump right in,” you might want to knit a gauge swatch first. – Ed.]

I do feel a sense of urgency here, because these socks seem to have gone missing. These Cherry Tree Hill socks are also AWOL. Sadly, my anal-retentive side doesn’t seem to include “sock organization skills” – I have no idea where they might be. The bottom of a suitcase? The back of a drawer? Either way, fall is coming, and I am pretty much sockless. So this Trekking pair is part of the “sock me up” plan – when she was in Ann Arbor, Stephanie reminded the knitters present that she finishes several pairs a year simply by having a sock handy when she’s faced with waiting time. I certainly have waiting time; I should have more socks. Also? I should obviously have a sock search party.

3 thoughts on “One of our socks is missing.

  1. Kristi aka Fiber Fool

    I’m sorry you’re missing socks. I’m missing my little anklets I made at the beginning of the summer and I’ve never worn them. I swear I saw them only a couple weeks ago and a few days later when I went looking for them I couldn’t find them for the life of me!

  2. Kat

    My Cherry Tree Hill socks are AWOL too. I loved those socks. So light and comfy. But then I went on an Artyarns Supermerino sock knitting binge, maybe they ran away thinking I didn’t love them anymore.


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