I don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no babies, Miss Scarlett.

You never know, when you start a project, that this will be the item that takes for-evah to finish. You love each project when you start it, so bright and full of promise – new yarn, new pattern, maybe even new needles; what could be wrong with that? And yet, sometimes something happens…I feel like it should not take a year and a half to finish a pair of socks, even for size 11 feet, but it did.

500 yards of yarn later, a pair of socks

Vital stats: The Retro Rib socks by Evelyn A. Clark from the Winter 04 issue of Interweave Knits in Mountain Colors Bearfoot Glacier Peak, 1 1/3 skeins on size 2 1.5 needles, kicking it Magic Loop-style. Started May 2005(!), finished October 11, 2006.

With a time to completion like that is it any wonder I hesitate to buy even one more skein of yarn? It reminds me of a Vows column I read in the New York Times where the couple agreed to date until they were done reading Don Quixote together – as they fell deeper in love, they read more slowly; at the time that was written, they were on page 17. Obviously, the more I love my husband, the more slowly I knit things for him, right? Right?

Anyhoo, the best thing about these socks is that if I like having them off my needles, I love how they look on the feet. I recommend the Retro Rib pattern without reservation. Nice, no? All the detail pops out, the ribbing looks great, the pooling is not as noticeable – it’s almost enough to make me turn right around and make him another pair of socks. If only his feet were smaller. On the bright side, the leftovers from his socks are enough to make a pair for myself – as soon as I can look at the yarn without feeling like I’ve just given birth to a baby that’s been gestating for a year and a half, I might just do that.

For now I’m back to working on the Meadow Flowers shawl we last saw here. I think I am a stitch off somewhere, but I’m really hoping to have this done in time for Halloween. Why? You’ll just have to wait and see – all I can say is that it doesn’t involve any socks.

5 thoughts on “I don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no babies, Miss Scarlett.

  1. sonja poor

    Your socks (or rather your husband’s) look terrific. I knit that pattern and, although I love it, too, it took me longer than any other pair. But they are worth it in the end. And remember: your pair will be shorter and quicker!

  2. Christine

    I considered the Retro Rib for my Mountain Colors, but I was afraid all the detail would be lost. These make me reconsider – they are beautiful! I’m so sorry they left you in sock misery though.

    Hmmmmm… shawl in time for Halloween? Now I am curious!

  3. Sharon

    Your husband is surely honored that you took careful and precious time to make him wonderful socks. There is no rule book that dictates how much knitting has to be produced in how much time. And great link to that NY Times story.

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