I love the smell of lanolin in the morning.

When I look at the Cable and Rib sweater, I will always remember that I was watching Apocalypse Now when I bound off the whopping 14 stitches for the armholes. Heh. What a milestone, reaching that bindoff after some two years of on and off knitting. As with another infamous sweater, I knit beyond the length called for in the pattern – luckily Favorite Knitting Recipient #1 (a.k.a. my husband) is supah-tall, so a half inch between friends is nothing but a design element.

I think it’s ironic that I knit my heart out on this sweater and there is still no FO to show for it; I am more than a little sad that my total for the year will be seven objets finis rather than the twelve I had hoped for – eight, if I’m lucky. The everlasting gobstopper of a sweater is nowhere near done, so if there is an eighth to be had, it will be this charming hat crafted out of Encore worsted goodness. The idea is based on this adorable hat, sized up for a larger wee head. You’ll notice that in my crazy inspired brain, I decided to drop in a little basketweave stitch, so the hat will look even more like a basket of flowers once the accoutrements are sewn on. I’d like to give a big shoutout to Knitswapper Heidi who dove into her stash to provide me with oddments of superwash perfect for flowers.It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a hat!

The holiday season has been all about ebb and flow for me this year – comings and goings and ups and downs of all sorts. Shortly after we last saw each other, Charlie my cat, recipient of my first knitting project was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and so the Knit One Purl Too household has been “all treats, all the time” for our feline member. We are taking such good care of him that he may live into the new year, but whatever happens, he is having a great last few weeks on his way to the big catnip patch in the sky [tm our neighbor; I love that expression so much – thank you, neighbor! – ed.].

And while there have been cookies, and cards and carols and menorah lightings and gelt and dreidels, there has not been very much knitting. Truth be told, though I’m reading about what all of you are knitting, I lost my mojo after Charlie got cancer, and am only now getting it back. One of the things that’s helping is Learn How To Knit, an offbeat Christmas carol from the awesome Canadian Hawksley Workman – is there nothing Canada can’t do? Additional mojo-enhancement came from the sole knitting-related present I received this year. I was deeply touched that the Knit One Purl Too in-laws, (after just one mention of the greatness of Alice Starmore, several years ago) gifted me with The Celtic Collection, so Cromarty will be mine, soon enough. They were so excited about finding any Starmore book at all that I felt I had to disclose that The Celtic Collection was a Starmore still in print. Nonetheless, they were excited at their find on my behalf, so I must be doing something right as daughter-in-law #1.

So, somewhat belated holiday greetings from the Knit One Purl Too family. Here’s hoping you find an extra ball of yarn under the couch to start the new year.

5 thoughts on “I love the smell of lanolin in the morning.

  1. kelly

    Hope you had nice holidays. The hat is cute, and I hope you won’t dwell too long on your lack of FO’s this year… I didn’t knit as many things as I wanted this year either.

    Besides, the next year is just around the corner & we’ll all have another chance to meet our New Year’s Knitting Goals!

  2. Catherine

    Oh, Donna, I’m so sorry about your news. I hate to say it, but I know how you feel. My beautiful cat, Corrie, has just been diagnosed with hyperthyroid disease. He’s at least 16 yo and we are trying to weigh up treatment options, trying to keep his best interests at the forefront.

    I hope Charlie is being spoiled rotten; Corrie is enjoying as much chicken mince as he can eat 🙂

  3. Sharon

    7 FOs is not chopped liver. And I’ll cheer loudly when #8 gets done…before OR after the ball comes down in Times Square. Everybody has to take care of business; right now your business is Charlie. Mojo waxes and wanes…it will be there when you’re ready for it to be there. In the meantime, make every stitch count. 🙂 Best always.

  4. Karen S.

    Love the new look of the blog! Though I noticed one odd thing–there’s a (3) next to January 2007, but I don’t see any posts from January! Am I missing out on something good? 🙂


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