Thank goodness for small favors.

Happy belated New Year! January brought me a case of bronchitis followed by a cold, so I’ve spent most of the last three and a half weeks recuperating – with intermittent bouts of knitting. On the bright side, if only I’d known small projects went so quickly, I’d have started knitting them sooner.

Fig and Plum Hat First up, with my memory jogged by this discussion of decreasing for hats, I whipped out a Fig and Plum ribbed hat. I used 3/4 of a ball of Plymouth Encore Chunky in a nice oatmeal heather (color 240), sizing the stitch count down appropriately for a bulky yarn (I think I cast on 64), and the hat fits Knit One Purl Too’s Chief Snow Removal Expert (aka my husband) perfectly. I’d definitely make this pattern again, because the decrease pattern looks very sharp, yet it’s idiot-proof.

Second, my contribution to the Square-Along – very, very fun, and it went so quickly, it was over almost before I knew it. Vital stats: 1/3 of a ball of Plymouth Sockotta in oranges, greens, browns and yellows – this yarn was almost destined to be Evelyn Clark’s Go With the Flow Socks at one point – after seeing this, I’m glad I reconsidered (and I probably still have enough left for socks).Square-along FO

I’m not sure if I have any knitting resolutions for the new year – if I do, they can probably be summed up as follows: Use the patterns you have, and no saving yarn “for good” – use it, and love it. I’ve bookmarked hundreds of patterns and have hundreds more on my bookshelf – socks from Knitting on the Road, Knitting Vintage Socks, shawls and wraps from Wrap Style, hats and mittens from all over. It’s time to really make the effort to use them (in other words no plain vanilla socks until further notice).

I also have lots of single skeins of yarn, some of which I bought to swatch for future projects which may never get made (the cover aran from Men in Knits was the original designation for the Encore Chunky) – so it’s time to use those too. I have a friend who buys lovely clothes and then doesn’t wear them, saving them “for good.” I thought of her when I wound my most beautifully crafted skein of handspun yarn (the one on the right) to make the Malagaiter from MagKnits. I felt so bold, but think how much more I’ll get to enjoy this one-of-a-kind yarn when I’m wearing it!

Finally, my third project in January was converting this blog to WordPress and implementing the redesign my friend Bran made in exchange for the flowerbasket hat which I am still working on (sigh). If you’re reading this using Bloglines or another news reader, click through and enjoy her handiwork (that’s really me up there!). I’ve been looking forward to this redesign – what a treat, and the hat and mittens and accoutrements are thisclose to being done, so I felt like I could put the redesign together in good conscience.

Leena sleeping Thanks to everyone for your kind comments about Charlie;we miss him, but I know the catnip patch in the sky is treating him well. We were surprised to find right away that our house felt a little too empty without a cat, so I have a new knitting companion, Leena. She’s seven months old today, and just like me, she likes yarn. I think we’ll have a beautiful future together.

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  1. Amy

    Ooh, I love the blog redesign! Your FOs look great, and I hope the rest of your winter is illness-free. Bronchitis is just. no. fun.


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