The most fun you can have with two needles.

Garterlac Dishcloth That sound you hear is hell freezing over. Why? Well, after I said I find entrelac scary and unappetizing, I saw Dave’s Garterlac Dishcloth. Since I have a weakness for garter stitch in small doses, I was faced with a dilemma: grouse about entrelac, or make something cool. As much as I enjoy a little snarking now and then, you can bet cool knitting won out.

I loved this, from beginning to end, probably because I also love short rows. It was like a puzzle, and it only took half a dishcloth to figure out which way the pieces went together. My only obstacle, if you could call it that, was that I still prefer “picking up” to “picking up and knitting” – which meant I occasionally found myself with the working yarn at the wrong end of the row to begin the instructions as written [If I had “picked up and knit”, that would have given me the establishing knit row the pattern calls for – still with me?]. So I would start with row 2, instead of row 1 and everyone seems to have lived happily ever after. Details: Peaches and Creme Cotton, color Seafoam, plus a dash of white, knit on size 4 Clover bamboos.

Of course you can also see that I ran out of yarn shortly before beginning the last tier – I’m calling that a design feature, a Japanese woodblock ocean or mountain print in a dishcloth. I’m so smitten with this, I could make another, but in my quest to avoid Yet Another Plain Vanilla Sock, I might make these (and by “might”, I mean the pattern has taken up permanent residence on my coffee table and I’m surprised I haven’t cast on yet.

5 thoughts on “The most fun you can have with two needles.

  1. Dave

    Looks good, but you’re the first person I’ve heard of who ran out of yarn, as it is basically on the smaller side as far as dishcloths go. I’m wondering, did you start with a full ball of yarn?

  2. Donna

    Oh, it was absolutely not a full ball! (In other words, I did this to myself…) I had what I thought was more than a half-ball left over from another cloth, and I almost made it – but not quite.

    What a fun pattern; I thought I would hate entrelac forever, and now I want to make a baker’s dozen of these little guys!

  3. helena_handbasket

    Adorable! (I’m the commenter from LJ, btw… just so you know that I really DO read the blog.) It looks like a fun knit, but I’m just not sure I want to knit something as utilitarian as dishcloths. I mean, do I really want to spend my valuable (to me anyway) time making something that will be ussed for activities I don’t enjoy (like, oh, cleaning)? Knowing myself as I do, I am certain I would then begin to associate handknits, and therefore hand knitting, with the tedium of scrubbing dishes. Not an association I wish to make. But it’s so cute…maybe if I call it/use it for something else…
    Great work, as always!

  4. kristine

    Okay, now that I’m getting further on knitting, and I’m excited about trying something like this in the future, can you point me to a good resource to explain the diff between picking up vs picking up and knitting? I think I just picked when I was doing my sock, and I’m guessing I did that wrong 😀


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