The guy next to the guy in the daisy hat.

I’m Knitting Five for Dulaan Red Ribbed Dulaan Hat #4 This was the easy hat – after knitting three of these babies, the fourth was like falling off a log. Poof! Before I knew it, I was casting off.

It was the fifth hat that took a few days. I think this may be the first time I’ve ever knit a pattern more than once. The fifth hat was a little like that moment when you’re swimming, and your body is protesting that it’s too hard, it’s too far – and then your muscles realize you are not going to stop swimming just because they’re complaining – and they stop complaining quite as much so you can keep going in relative peace. I knit the fifth hat even though I would have preferred to put the size 15 needles down, because someone like this guy (in the daisy hat) is waiting. The guy next to him needs one, so I made one more. A Fifth Dulaan Hat The hidden fun factor in these is the opportunity to knit once more with scraps of yarn from favorite projects – the grey hat here contains a little DZined worsted weight hemp yarn from my Multidirectional Scarf and some Pastaza from the bucket hat that wasn’t so bucket-y after all.

The project that served as a temporary distraction for me between hats 4 and 5 was a garter stitch square for the Rebuilding Greensburg Block by Block afghan project. Laura is receiving squares by the boatload now (seriously, 54 squares? That’s some crazy amount of knitting; I’m impressed!) And I’m adding my one square, from a lone skein of Silk Garden and some Cascade 220 that might look familiar Rebuilding Greensburg Afghan Block There was serious appreciation for Silk Garden in my house while this square was in production, so I’m glad Lizzy is in the queue. I’ve had an opportunity to think carefully about what I plan to knit as I build my project queue at Ravelry; for those of you still waiting for an invite, it’s worth it. I like the look and features of Ravelry very much; it doesn’t replace good old-fashioned noodling around on the Internet for me, but it has a lot of potential, simply because good visuals play a large part in how the site displays information. Thank you to all of the knitters who’ve taken such nice photos of your work! After all, isn’t a project so much more enticing to you when you see someone’s pretty FO photo? Perhaps that’s why I have more than 50 projects in my queue [I’m knitonepurltoo there, so feel free to peek in and friend me — ed.].

I read an article not too long ago that suggested bands become more popular as people figure out they’re popular already: in other words, people like what’s liked. I worry that Ravelry’s social network will encourage popular patterns to grow even more so, and it will require (more) work to unearth the new and unusual – but it takes work to discover new and different things now, so I think I should wait and see what happens instead of knitting myself a Chicken Little hat. Although I could totally add that hat to my queue….

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  1. Christine

    I think there is some truth to that – popular patterns become even more popular because of their popularity. Also, patterns knit by popular bloggers also become suddenly more popular too. I like stalking your links, because you always have things I’ve never seen before there!

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