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Frankly, my dear, I think I’m in a slump.

Picot Timberline Toes Finished1. I finished my first pair of socks for 2007 while I was on vacation this past week.
2. They’re Lucy Neatby’s Timberline Toes pattern from Cool Socks, Warm Feet.
3. I used ONline Tropic sock yarn, color 924.
4. I loved the pattern and the colors, but the yarn was a little splitty.
5. My only modifications were adding a picot cuff (yay!), and a rounder toe.
6. The garter stitch heel is a tad deep over 60 percent of the stitches, but the fit is so close to perfect that I don’t care.
7. In fact, I love these socks so much that I wore them twice in three days.
8. They make me smile every time I look at my feet.
9. Now I have just two WIPs: the Step Above Socks, and Cable and Rib.
10. I’m at a transition point with both projects (one triangle away from the heel of the first sock and almost done with the back of the sweater).
11. Coincidentally, the bloom is off of both of them; I have the urge to start something new.
12. I could start Lizard Ridge.
13. But I only have the yarn for three squares right now, so it’s likely to be a WIP for a long time. [Dear Santa, Send Noro – ed.]
14. I don’t really need another long term WIP – it might do me in.Picot Timberline Heels
15. I could start a Flower Basket Shawl – perfect summer knitting.
16. In fact, I went through a weeklong period earlier this month where I thought I would die if I didn’t start a shawl.
17. I looked at what seemed like every shawl pattern I had ever bookmarked; I felt the urge to develop a flowchart to define my preferences.
18. Apparently it was “the bigger the better” as far as shawls for me – The Sampler Shawl and the Fir Cone Square from Folk Shawls were top contenders.
19. Not to be obvious, but it seems I have learned nothing from Cable and Rib in all its bigness. 20. I may not be happy until my shawl’s border has a border.
21. See item 14., specifically “it might do me in.” A huge honking shawl is probably not a good idea.
22. I could start a sweater for myself – mmm, fall knitting.
23. I’m smaller than my husband, so I could talk myself into believing that a sweater for me does not really equal a huge, honking project.
24. Starting either Lizzy or the Ribby Cardi would scratch an itch, but I’m dismayed to see knitters reporting in with technical issues with both garments (Lizzy may benefit from waist shaping; the Ribby needs careful attention to sizing for best results).
25. My instincts for perfect fit are battling it out with my desire for mindless knitting.
26. Embarrassingly, I seem to consider math to alter a pattern or paying attention to detail too much work.
27. Honestly, starting a whole new sweater would make me feel like I should admit I will never, ever finish Cable and Rib.
28. Crap. I had no idea a nice pair of socks could do this to any self-respecting knitter.

Picot hems for everyone!

Here is July in a nutshell: Getting promoted (yay!) meant moving offices away from most of my colleagues (boo!) to an office in the basement (double boo!) which at first appeared ugly (boo!) and was shockingly muggy (double boo!) until a hidden switch was flipped from “winter” to “summer.” The office turned out to be quite nice after a paint job, furniture rearranging feng shui, and some attitude adjustment from yours truly. As my friend’s mom would say “You can do this, or you can do it and enjoy it.” In other words, attitude is everything. And new yarn helps.

Kureyon-170-D I am not much for the impulse buys, but while I was in the throes of The Big Office Move Which I Was Just Sure Would Negatively Impact My Enjoyment Levels, I thought “I have to get my hair cut anyway, perhaps I’ll just pop into the yarn store down the street and see what their Kureyon looks like.” You know, take the edge off. Surprisingly, because they don’t carry a lot of yarn to begin with, my ExtremelyLYS had Kureyon 170 – my current Kureyon fave. I have plans to make a striped sweater like Michelle’s, but I settled for one skein to start a Lizard Ridge (or a Lizard Ridge yarn collection, depending on when I decide to cast on). I am battling between “afghan squares as summer knitting” and “I promised Cable and Rib would be done this year.” Sigh.

Timberline Toes First Sock
My real impulse buy, because I have already admitted I am not over the self-striping sock yarn, was a skein of Online Supersocke Tropic, in what Knit One Purl Too’s Yarn Evaluation Specialist (aka my husband) is calling “hippie, crunchy granola colors” for a pair of Lucy Neatby’s Timberline Toes. I love these colors because they almost don’t go together, yet the overall effect is pretty harmonious – the beautiful in the unexpected. Plus, there’s pink. If this is not enough for you, there are additional sock pron shots here, including a delicious shot of the garter stitch short row heel, turned at several LaGuardia departure gates while a recent flight was delayed. Dear American Airlines: Thanks for sucking the last bit of excitement out of air travel for me. On the bright side, passengers boarding other flights were complimenting the sock, so it wasn’t all bad.

The biggest surprise for me was the fabulousness of the picot hem. I have admired many from afar, but for one reason or another, had not picot-ed until this pair of socks. I’m in like Flynn now; it’s easy and fun, plus I think my first picot hems and the bits of garter stitch elevate these socks out of the “plain vanilla” category. Hooray! There’s a poll here, just for fun. If you can’t see it in your feed reader, please click through to vote!