The end of the tunnel?

As you read this, I have crossed the halfway mark for Cable and Rib. I have completed the right front, and right now, when I am a fair piece into the left front, I have to admit that even counting the buttonband to come, I have knit more on this project than I am going to knit. Even Knit One Purl Too’s Impartial Knitting Observer and Human Yarn Swift (aka my husband) commented on the speedy nature of my progress, but I think this is because he recognizes that “how’s my sweater coming” comments are kind of superfluous. It’s happening, baby!

I am, of course, thinking about what I will knit next* beyond finishing the lovely Step Above Socks. I suspect all of this…what do you call it…”progress” may just turn me into a project monogamist. Pretty much. I mean, there’s nothing better than starting something new, but how can you argue with the yards and yards of cabled fabric spewing forth from my needles? If you can’t be fast, be persistent. *[most likely Yarnissima’s Firestarter socks, or my Silk Garden cardigan, Lizzie – ed]

Which brings me to the nerdy section of this post: I am estimating that there are about 99,000 stitches in this sweater. If I have 44,500 stitches to go, and 75 days to do it, I need to knit roughly 604 stitches a day. Eight rows on the front equals 704 stitches, or 15 percent more than my daily “quota.” [Because I cannot bring myself to do it, please insert your own joke here about my canny impersonation of child sweatshop labor. Thank you. – ed] Can you believe I figured this out? Me either, but I am so excited that my combination of excessive planning and seat-of-the-pants guesstimating is paying off, I could plotz.

This post has waited for a picture for a good five days, and sadly, while my schedule includes 8 rows a day, rain or shine, it doesn’t include a lot of quality time with natural light during daylight hours. Trust me – the left front in progress looks a little like this, this, this or this – but left front-ier. Lots of pictures next time, I promise. Why will there be lots of pictures? Because the body of the sweater will be done, and I will be getting my passport stamped for Sleeve Island.

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