Songs for the three-needle bind off.

The body of Cable and Rib, she is done. I thought it would look more like a sweater, but the unseamed body without sleeves just looks like a postmodern ruana, with a whole bunch of ends which need weaving in. I found the bindoff more challenging than I expected; I love the cleverness of the technique, but keeping everything lined up was a challenge. Thankfully, the end result was worth it.

I’m chagrined that my next step is the picking up of 160 freaking stitches for each armhole – that doesn’t exactly make the sleeves seem smaller than the other parts of the sweater, and we all know how I feel about picking up stitches. I will do it, because I am too close to the end to stuff the sweater in a bag for another two years. But it won’t stop me from whipping out a little something knitted before Pickup-palooza 2007 begins.

Little Tent Dishcloth This is the Little Tent Dishcloth, which holds the distinction of being the first project on Ravelry that someone else’s FO inspired me to knit. Sidebar: as someone with *cough* well over 100 projects in her Ravelry queue, I was unreasonably excited that casting on for something actually removed it from that long list. Give me a break; I haven’t started something new in awhile.

I am, however, itching to start the I Love Gansey socks, because I won some yarn (Opal!) from Brooke (check out her terrific Central Park Hoodie here) as part of her blogiversary contest which would suit them to a T. Don’t tell Beth Brown-Reinsel, but the gansey has never been my favorite type of sweater. Those socks, however, are just my cup of tea. Thank you, Brooke, for providing the yarn and the inspiration! In the meantime, I still have 1 month 22 days to finish a certain sweater.

3 thoughts on “Songs for the three-needle bind off.

  1. erica

    I love the little tents. I’m making an entire sweater using that stitch. The stitch seems to go so quickly, maybe because every fourth row has so many slipped stitches.


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