Project Bagway, or, “Damn!”

knitting is fun It is a tense time here at the house of Knit One, Purl Too. The best of intentions are meeting up with reality: a. November and December are really busy at work, and b. it takes what seems like forever to make it to the end of a sleeve if you start by picking up 168 stitches. Translation? I will probably not be done with Cable and Rib by December 31. Damn.

Cable and Rib, the first sleeve started I did a beautiful job of picking up stitches for the sleeve, if I do say so myself – and then I lost momentum when I saw how wide it was. [It’s like starting the back all over again! The sleeves are bigger than the fronts! How can that be right – is this a plot? – ed.] We’re on the downhill slope again now after seven inches of sleeve knitting, but the idea that I need to turn around and do it all again on another sleeve in 18 inches is killing me. Also, as I feared, this is no longer a portable project – and I have crossed that line after which I am pretty sure I must knit every waking moment in order to complete this sweater by the end of the year. Plus, I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping.

Hey there, Jordy Girl! I’m pretty bummed about this total and utter failure to meet an arbitrary, self-imposed deadline, but I distracted myself with a little something – my first serious sewing project. This is the Jordy bag made famous on Craftster, and sewed by me – and Knit One Purl Too’s Chief Seam Wrangler (a.k.a my husband). I learned how to thread our sewing machine and I sewed the lining (peek inside), and he sewed the outside (while I made gingersnap rum balls) – we used material from the sleeves of a denim jacket, so that closure you see there is one of the cuffs. I have a bling-y button ready to top it off, which I have had stashed in one jewelry box or another since I was nine. If I can’t finish this sweater in time, at least I can sew an endless supply of sock bags now.

Bonus link: if you are a fan of Christmas music in all its forms, you will love DJ Riko’s Mixmas mixes as much as I do – just the right mix of classic and kitsch.

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