All-points bulletin

At the B.B. King Mural in Indianola, MS I’m getting a lot of stuff done today, so what better time to pop in with an update? It’s been longer than I hoped it might be since we saw each other, but I have a good excuse – I was on vacation. For our anniversary in April, the Knit One, Purl Too Knitting Appreciation Society (aka, my husband) and I took off for Mississippi to (are you ready?) eat our way across the Mississippi Delta. I ate the best fried chicken I have ever had at the Old Country Store in Lorman, amazing brisket in Yazoo City at Ubon’s, and a fried green tomato BLT in Jackson that restored my faith in humanity. So. Much. Fun. The sock and I had a great time at the B.B. King museum in Indianola (which I cannot recommend highly enough – the displays and music were terrific). I totally enjoyed the exhibit on the writers of Greenville and knitted on my sock at their library (that’s the cuff of #2 there) before helping polish off a monumental steak at Doe’s Eat Place. The sock even paid homage to great bluesman Robert Johnson – it was a landmark trip. At Robert Johnson's Marker in Greenwood, MS

Except for one thing.

Now I can’t find the sock. Sock #2 to be specific. I know the sock made it home with us after the trip, but it seems to have been tucked away somewhere in a bout of pre-Mother’s Day cleaning and might not surface for months. I hope that’s not the case, but I’ve looked everywhere and my optimism is fading. I was just a few inches away from a finished pair, too. Where could they be?

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  1. Christine

    Wait – are those beer bottles by the headstone? Not yours though, right? Heehee!

    I can’t believe your socks have run away from home. I hope they reappear soon!


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