Another thing for the “life list.”

I once swore I wouldn’t post without photos, so I present the best photo I’ve taken all year:

Handspun Superwash Merino sock yarn, 550 yards

See? That was worth waiting for. 550 yards of a heavy fingering weight yarn, lofty and soft superwash merino from this fiber by AllSpunUp (still damp when I took this). I proved to myself that I can spin 100 yards of 2-ply from an ounce of fiber, so no need to worry from here on out about getting 400 yards of yarn from 4 ounces of fiber – what a relief. And it’s so pretty, too.

I have more pictures to take, including an FO photo for a finally-finished pair of Paraphernalia socks, and more to tell you about how preparing a presentation on sock knitting for my spinning guild this month may have put me off knitting socks for a good, long while. Am I sick of socks? Unless they’re handspun, right now, the answer may be “yes” – shhh!

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