Yes, I am still knitting.

The world doesn’t suffer from a lack of knitblogs, but I was suddenly overcome with a powerful urge to update, so here are a few things I’ve done since we last saw each other:

1. Packed up my family and moved to take a new job in January. Pros: a kickass LYS 5 minutes from work. Cons: packing and moving all your stuff is the pits.

2. We actually moved twice because we bought a house much sooner than planned (where I have strategically stashed yarn on every floor). All I have to say about moving twice is that if you don’t love something, get rid of it – you will hate having to repack it.

3. There were great losses, of knitting friends, and dogs I loved. You guys, the summer of 2011 was so terrible I kind of stopped talking about what was happening because it sounded unbelievable, like a bad country song. Sometimes it has to be enough to carry some of the things you love most in your heart.

4. I love my job. Pro: Isn’t that great? Con: it cuts into my knitting time, so production has dropped significantly. I knit 1500 yards in 2012, more or less. Let that sink in for a minute, and you realize that even my small stash gives me enough yarn to knit for 15 years at that rate. Yipes.

This hat is a big fat stashbuster. 5. On the bright side, all this hullabaloo makes it easy to go more than a year without buying yarn. I last bought yarn on November 30, 2011. Because I have a rule about knitting posts with no pictures of knitting, this hat was probably my favorite thing I made in 2012. I’ve had the remnants of this yarn since 2003, when I made this hat (still in use, by the way).


6. I have a plan: knit simpler things that are just as beautiful, use less sock-weight yarn, and continue to bust that stash.  I’m spectating at the Deep Stash KAL in the Doubleknit group on Ravelry, as well as the Use it or Lose it KAL in the Stash and Burn group. Usually, committing to do a knitting thing is the kiss of death for me, so by not publicly committing…I’m using reverse psychology on myself. Not bad, huh?

2 thoughts on “Yes, I am still knitting.

  1. LIsa

    Loved this post; looked at your queue and its lovely. Enough to keep occupied and have fun doing so from stash!. Hope you are still loving your job as that is a major blessing!

  2. Marina

    Donna!! If you knit simpler things, how will you ever knit a Starmore. Wasn’t Rambling Rose the goal? I’ve gone to your side … have a sock yarn stash & for 2013, I’m knitting socks.


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