About Me

Likes: The writing of Elizabeth Zimmerman, homemade margaritas, the Magic Loop method, The Moth storytelling podcast, my enduring fantasy that I will one day hike the Appalachian Trail, rescue cats and dogs, the knitters of knitting_snark, Project Runway (and of course, Project Runway Canada), the New York Times real estate section, bamboo needles (Clover, not Crystal Palace), the idea that I could be a drummer in a rock band if I just applied myself, Culver’s, data mining, the Sims, the patterns of Anne Hanson, writing a well-turned sentence, the search for the perfect haircut, roadtrips, pretty much everything about Canada, the music of Ozomatli and Fountains of Wayne, the cabled sweaters of Kathy Zimmerman and all things 30 Rock.

Dislikes: Most novelty yarn (but apparently I have a weakness for boucle), false modesty, people who link to the same thing everyone else is linking to or post about having nothing to say, almost all entrelac, the resurgence of 80s “vintage” fashion, including batwing sleeves, posting more often about what you bought to knit than what you’re actually knitting, representational intarsia (ok: dots, bad: Christmas trees and Scottie dogs), thinking knitting is something to be feared, most vanity license plates, people who are bossier than me, the belief that every occasion deserves a knitted gift, and fake cheese.

Many thanks to my friend Bran who illustrated this custom header (yes, that’s really me) and customised the look of Knit One, Purl Too 2.0 – doesn’t it look great?