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A hat in 36 hours.

When we last saw this hat (the Age of Aquarius Hat from Knitter’s Stash), it was September 30, and it was all brim. I had every intention of finishing it, but I wasn’t in a big hurry…until we were invited to a party at the recipient’s house last Sunday. So between Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, I knitted. A lot. And there you go, as easy as falling off a log (and knitting for ten hours, including in the car, on the way to the party). A hat in 36 hours. Who do I think I am, Stephanie? [another photo – sadly, the photo of the back, taken in a hurry was out of focus]. Everyone at the party tried on this hat, and they were impressed with the softness of the yarn and the pleasing shape – the crown is nice and round, avoiding the bullet-head look that many stocking caps give the wearer. I’d make this hat again – it was better than Cats.

So, in spite of my best efforts to stall and start multiple projects, I’m down to three projects on the needles – the Cabled Rib Cardigan, the second Cherry tree Hill sock, and the Lush sweater. More accurately, the Lush sweater is *off* the needles, but only temporarily – I frogged my one and a half pieces and am excited to start again. Taking a step backward was oddly liberating.

I urge you to take a look at the completed Man-Along sweaters; they’re so inspiring! I have not yet finished the Cabled Rib Cardigan, but these sweaters make me want to get knitting!

64 days isn’t that long.

ynbaluarie_1.jpg What would life be like if I bought no yarn, no patterns, no knitting books until February 1? Is there a hobby where you don’t spend your time overloading acquiring things for the hobby? If so, let me know, and the hobby better not be “the practice of Zen”.

It’s not like I would lack for things to read, or knit. I have four five six projects on the needles (the Cabled Rib cardigan, the Age of Aquarius hat, the Cherry Tree Hill socks…the Lush sweater and the multidirectional scarf. That’s kind of embarrassing. Without the distractions of new acquisitions, I might actually finish something. At least the multidirectional scarf has gotten significantly longer.

I’ve acquired a stack of knitting books recently, but I should go back and re-read my very first two: Knitting Without Tears, and The “I Hate to Finish Sweaters” Guide to Finishing Sweaters. That might help as I confront the fact that despite my best efforts, I’m actually making progress on the Cabled Rib Cardigan.

I am still struggling, however with the heel for Michelle’s Basic Socks. After deciding simply to forge ahead and do a “regular” short row heel, I was unsatisfied with the results. Sloppy wraps to the left in that photo, and a big lump at the base of the heel to the right. I could ignore it and continue with what I’m coming to suspect is a substandard sock, but no. First, the YNBA is a reflective thing, a period in which can consider my techniques and improve upon them with current projects, rather than starting something new to get away from a problem with something old. Two, and most important, I can already buy socks that don’t fit properly at any store on the planet except for AutoZone. I make socks that fit.

I returned to Simple Socks Plain and Fancy, and have re-read the short-row heel instructions. They are sinking in. I am prepared to have a growth experience with my knitting. I am prepared to learn and grow as a knitter rather than rush headlong into something unsatisfying. Either that, or I’ll do an afterthought heel.

An all-dessert knitting potluck.

Since we last saw each other, I’ve been a very persistent knitter. Here, at last, is a picture of the first finished RibTip sock with (of course), its mate well underway.

But the piece de resistance may well be the Age of Aquarius hat from Knitter’s Stash that I’ve been working on as a Christmas gift – it’s cleverly constructed (or perhaps this is just me because I’ve not knitted a hat like this before) so that you knit the brim and then after purling the turning row, you flip the hat inside out. . Then you knit the crown in a slightly different cable pattern, and when you’re done, flip the brim up for contrast. Just imagine the top of the hat here – even half done, isn’t the alpaca yummy? I normally don’t use words like that, but Classic Elite Montera is doing it for me. Plus, I’m going to finish a Christmas gift soon, and it’s not even close to Christmas.

The hat was my knitting on the way to A Wool Gathering, which was fun, but I was…whelmed. I came, I saw, I bought 2 ounces of roving for thrummed mittens, even though I am not thrumming along, petted some llamas and goats, ate the best peach danish of my life, and left. As Knit One Purl Too’s Yarn Acquisition Specialist (my husband) said, “It’s like a potluck where everyone brought dessert.” There was some beautiful handspun yarn, and more beautiful handspun yarn, and some alpaca, and more alpaca. And the hemp sock yarn lady Bonne Marie likes was not there after all, and there was very little sock yarn (even the vendor who carried Cherry Tree Hill had no SuperSock merino. I spent most of that weekend gripped by socknitting fever, not to be quenched with all this lovely handspun (and let’s be honest, some of it was not so lovely, it was just rustic). I did come away with an idea for a hat pattern; if I can reverse-engineer the hat I saw (and add my own twist to it), you might see a pattern here someday (If you wanted to design your own projects, you couldn’t do better than this notebook as a place to sketch them out, complete with a space for notes.). The hat idea is not just an excuse to buy the notebook.

What’s a girl to do when not quite satisfied with her first fiber festival? Why, make a detour to The Fifth Stitch, where Ellen hooked me up with some yummy (there’s that word again) sock yarn. I could easily have walked out of there with twice as much, because she had an amazing selection – Apple Laine in Dark Chocolate for a Jackie E-S lace sock pattern, Cherry Tree Hill in Peacock, some Lang Jawoll, and another skein of Mountain Colors Glacier Peak for the gift socks for the person with really big feet I mentioned in my last entry. At one point during my frustrated search for something, anything I really liked at A Wool Gathering, my husband whispered “Enhance your stash” in my ear. So I did, thanks to Ellen.

Speaking of socks, the next Six Sox knitalong socks are Fluted Bannister Socks – I happen to have some Sockotta, which is what Susan knit the model in, and I’m very suggestible when it comes to yarn. [FYI: Susan also has an excellent tip for improving the IK Flower Basket Shawl by using a symmetrical decrease – cool.]

Content unrelated to knitting, but I want one: sock dog instructions.

Content related to knitting, because Audrey is on my list of sweaters I should already be wearing: Audrey neckband instructions.

And also from the “sweaters I like more than I thought” department: Vivian Hoxbro’s Wine Leaves jacket (that’s actually the pullover – this is the jacket, but I like the pullover colorway. I am not normally swayed by the newfangled (even modular knitting, which is not really all that fangled), but that’s beautiful!

But in the end, it all comes back to socks: I like a tasteful sock just fine, but these Bib Overalls socks from Blackberry Ridge are so cute I may just have to make them.