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There and back, with the socks to prove it.

Timberline Toes at Vista Point, Montana Where have I been? The answer is really good – everywhere. I’ve had my nose to the grindstone, knitting away this summer, and I got to do some of my knitting on a 10-state 12-day road trip from Ohio to Montana and back again. What else are you supposed to do when one of your knitbuds says “I’m moving to Montana?” You go with them, and you take your knitting with you, of course. The socks you see here managed to make it from cast-on to cast-off without being blogged; they’re a toe-up pair of Timberline Toes from Lucy Neatby (a sock so nice, I’ve knit it twice), in Regia that was a lovely gift from Lisa and the dogs, unused for far too long. Timberline Toes Again, complete With two pairs complete, I’m now fairly certain that I’ve gotten toe-up socks out of my system, at least for the moment. I wove in the (many) ends of my Smoking Hot Socks, and so they are also officially done. I loved this pattern from beginning to end. They were fun, engaging and quick – completed in a month (if you don’t count the ends). I’m ready to knit another pair.

Smoking Hot Socks, complete
But right now, my attention is focused on unfinished objects rather than new projects – after a long hiatus I’ve picked up my entrelac socks again. The sorry tale boil down to this – after doing half of the heel prep on sock #1 Easter weekend, 2007, I lost track of what I was doing, and had a devil of a time trying to figure it out. No matter what I did, the second triangle I was making to form the base of the heel didn’t look like the first. I e-mailed Janice (maker of three pairs of Step Above Socks), she was helpful, I was still sort of stuck. Then I came up withe the brilliant idea of faking myself out: why not start the second sock, work up to the heel and just keep going as though nothing were wrong – maybe that would jog my brain into remembering how everything was supposed to fit together? It worked(!).

A Step Above, more progressI was not really planning on participating in the Ravelympics, but I’ve made so much progress on these socks I might not be able to help finishing them this month. Unless I run out of yarn. Now that I’m close to the toe on sock #2, I can see that I might not have enough yarn for the heels and toes. This is the second pair of Koigu socks in a row where I’ve run short – I think I have to start buying three skeins for a pair – or buy stock in Tums for the stress running short causes me. Donna and Kristi at the Tri-state Marker More travel knitting here, with photos to come as I upload them inbetween bouts of knitting. There’s been more, of course – I couldn’t go an entire summer without posting unless I got into multiple kinds of trouble…including spinning. Yes, you read that right. Stay tuned for more details – I promise it won’t be another three months before you hear from me again.

I may have to rethink my hard line on entrelac.

And now I bring you an episode of “Projects I have been hiding from the blog because progress pictures might be boring (look, another finger!).”

Pop Up Paw(s) I am bouncing back and forth between the Pop-Up Paw for the right hand (done, save for the Pop-Up) and the Paw for the left hand (at the ribbing for the cuff). As soon as I’m done with the ribbing, I can swap out my smaller needles for my larger ones on Pop-up #2 and finish Pop-up #1. See? Remarkably placid, tranquil knitting, unmarred by desperate “I had to frog it because it sucked” updates. I like many things about this project, including the pattern’s clear directions and teaching myself the suspended bindoff to ensure the fingers were loose enough around the knuckles for Knit One Purl Too’s Sunday Dinner Chef (aka my husband). He likes that this will be the second thing for him in 2007 – even though Cable and Rib waits, he is still getting the knitted goods.

I have been momentarily distracted, however, by the Step Above socks (from Knitter’s #75, Summer 2004) – those broken-rib entrelac squares are addictive. The entrelac is a great way to avoid the pooling I loathe and encounter so often in variegated yarns, and progress feels as fast as a plain old stockinette sock because each row is twelve freaking stitches long. Step Above Sock in progress Here, I have just finished the second full tier on the leg and started the third out of a total of five. I am following these suggested modifications for Step Above knitters who are knitting with less yardage per skein – I am also planning to decrease after the heel so that each square is just ten or eleven stitches wide; a looser leg is okay, but my foot needs less ease (and as we know, I make socks that fit, no matter what).

In other news, I had the opportunity to look at Knit 2 Together this weekend, and was pleasantly surprised – there were four projects I would make, which was four more than I was expecting (don’t hate me Tracey! I didn’t know!). The scarf/bonnet combo and the fitted jacket were especially nice [they remind me of the Turtleneck Shrug from Scarf Style and the Jess jacket, respectively, both patterns I like already], but I found myself inspecting the knitted jumper dress very closely – the lace panel at the waist would reduce bulk, provide some figure-flattering shaping and hide a multitude of minor flaws. Plus, I am a sucker for a turned hem.

But before I cast on for any dresses, I have several stashbusting projects in line: the Vertigo hat from Knitpicks, the Ribby Cardi from Bonne Marie Burns, Nezumi and the Santa Cruz Beanie from Magknits…and Lizzy from the Jane Ellison Naturally Noro book. Sharp-eyed readers will remember that I have loved this cardigan since I first saw it, and after a smashing swap thanks to the Knitter’s Review forums, I will be knitting Lizzy in the swoon-worthy shade of Silk Garden poetically known as 87, and Nina from San Francisco will be reknitting a vintage cardigan for her mom out of the finest La Gran Classic Elite has to offer. Stash knitting at its finest – it’s enough to make you plotz, really.